Victory Series

Don’t be a Victim

Originally, this was a supplemental post and was not to be included in the curriculum of the Victory Series. However, I have been impressed to include it. A key to achieving Victory is to Evade capture when possible. However, some are taken prisoner regardless of training and expertise. It is not their fault.

There is a tendency for one who is victimized to become an assailant or predator themselves. There are innumerable examples of predators who also were preyed upon when young.

However, that is no excuse.

Instead, when you are attacked, refuse to label yourself a victim. When you are a victim, you become weak and sometimes, you consider yourself deserving of the attack. It is a vicious process: first born of anger and resentment (it was not fair), you had no one to protect you, you were alone (now you will be alone forever), it is everyone else’s fault (they do not understand), maybe they were right (I deserved it).

From examples mentioned above, as a victim, you prepare to strike back but your retaliation does not always find your attacker. It can befall your loved ones, friends, and strangers caught in your twisted, warped warpath.

Instead, seek closure by following a path to self-divinity-actualization: the process of learning your divine destiny through forgetting your mortal past.

God has said He will forgive our sins only if we forgive others their trespasses (Matthew 6:14-15). Christ Himself said when struck, turn the other cheek (Matt 5:39). Furthermore, God has said He will remember our sins no more (Jeremiah 31:34), and that includes the sins committed against you, because He is the God of the holy and unholy alike, which is fortunate for all of us because we are often unholy ourselves.

To be victimized is an unavoidable side effect of being Human. We are born into a wilderness, doomed to fend off beasts that grow stronger and faster than us. Although we have recently asserted ourselves as the dominant species on Earth, it has not always been so. And it was not easy.

Therefore, I believe it to be most Human to progress forward – forward and upward (even unto a Heavenly abode).

You cannot reach your full potential if you do not move forward after an attack, to resist the inclination to become a victim, and therefore become a predator yourself.

Regardless, you can be drawn to take one of these roles upon you.

Remember that we are just as capable of inflicting pain as we are of receiving it. It is important to not allow either the role of victim or predator define you. Instead, observe them as a duality, always shifting. Do not orient

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