Security Elements Series

National Debt

Last year, on Black Friday, I published a post titled Lost Souls.

Make no mistake, When you are indebted to someone else, you are not free. You’re a slave. Any money you earn must be distributed among your creditors, whom only provided credit in the first place.

Creditors give you neither money nor substance. Sounds a lot like a dry hole.

Avoid accepting credit from others and therefore avoid accruing all manner of debt. Imagine the food you eat and the dues you pay your gym are all from a creditor, and once the time comes to collect the debt, they instead collect your gains.

I know it may sound absurd. You’re probably saying, Kevin, they don’t want my gains – they want their money!

But they didn’t give you money – they gave you what you desired. If your desires are naught but loaned to you, then the satisfying of your desires are also only credited to you. They are not your own.

You then have no soul.

Freedom Fighters

Unfortunately, in our day and age, everyone accumulates debt of some kind. The false freedom of making payments on a substantial purchase only ensnares you – you become Captured – and then you are sent to work as a slave until the balance is paid.

Balance. That’s an interesting term the creditor uses. Remember that we have talked a lot recently about achieving balance, stability, and control.

These are necessary for fighting a Counterinsurgency! But when you owe a balance, meaning you have not actually achieved balance for yourself, then you are not in control of your nation.

If you are indebted, then the freedom for which you must fight for is your own. You cannot inspire and nourish a Tribe if you are not free. You cannot become a Diplomat King, or any kind of king or leader.

But that does not mean that the nation is in anarchy. There is someone in control, and that someone is a Tyrant.

Invest for the Future

The Tyrant wants you to believe his lies and one of the Great Lies is that you have no future.

Your willingness to believe this lie could be rooted energetically, originating from trauma. Regardless of where the lie originates, it is still a lie. Lies can be proven untrue by careful analysis called: reverse engineering.

By reverse engineering, you start where you are and you work your way backwards. You discover many things in this process. You become aware of your weaknesses, you see things for what they really were (hindsight being 20/20), and you take Ownership of everything.

During this process, you will realize that you failed from time to time, but that was not the worst thing that could have happened. You probably learned from mistakes.

When we fail, we learn. We can feel the bitter sting of defeat and hopefully, we should never want to feel that again, which becomes an accelerant for the Destructive Light inside us.

Misfires and Catastrophic Failures

Catastrophic failures are rare. Do not believe that you are out of options – you can continue onward on the Warpath, even after devastating defeats, as long as you have received the benefit of failure, which is a new perspective.

People who catastrophically fail:

• Did not try
• Did not exhaust all their resources
• Did not become resourceful
• Did not become highly motivated
• Did not try something different
• Did not move outside their comfort zone
• Thought they already had the answers
• Were not willing to do everything necessary to make it work

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