Command and Control Series

Insurgents, Spies, and Fake Friends

Now, a warning.

The tyrant in your mind has many spies. Some of them do not know they are spies. They are Sleeper Agents, embedded around you. These are toxic relationships – fake friends.

They have ulterior motives for having a relationship with you. It may not be apparently clear that they offer you nothing in return. You may even ask yourself, Why should I expect something of them?

After all, as adults in America, we have been indoctrinated to pick ourselves up by our boot straps – we are responsible for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe we are responsible for our own future. There are no predestined outcomes.

Create a future for yourself that meets your real needs – not your need for popularity, a lowly instinct born from the same indoctrination I mentioned above, which is acceptance from others. Instead, seek acceptance from yourself i.e. self-actualization.

Humans are social creatures, however. It is not good that we should be alone. This was known from the beginning.

Humans also possess natural altruistic tendencies, which either thrive or die through life experiences. A leader is born within every human, and either leads from the inside or is smothered by pride and insecurities.

Now, if you intend to be a leader, your nation cannot consist of fake friends or fake followers. Leading your nation is done through a methodical process of outreach and mentorship and patience and long-suffering.

Choose to take control of that which you have total control and total responsibility: your movement and your breath.

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