Take up a Cause, Part 3: Telling Your Story

Months ago, I published a blog post titled New Beginnings: Telling Your Story.

In recent days, I have studied some of my older posts. I do from time to time. It is like reviewing old journals – I am able to gain a perspective by studying my past.

I have discovered a link between the Cause and our story.

As humans, we write our personal signature upon the land in which we live with the contraction and lengthening of our muscles.

– New Beginnings: Telling Your Story

Our signature is what identifies us to the world – it is what they will remember about us when we are gone, gone back to the womb.

While we are alive, however, we take up a Cause daily: a mission or objective, a worthy goal.

I would ask, What Cause are we taking up? And, What Cause are we asking others to take up?

You may want to accomplish more in this life than what you are already. You want to touch more lives, make a greater impact on those around you.

To do that, you have to be strong.

The Cause to become a stronger person begins on the micro scale – the small stuff. And it doesn’t get much smaller than the fibers of our muscles.

If you want to generate greater force (do more, influence more people, life a more abundant life), you need greater force producers. Getting bigger muscles is not just about looking the part – they have to do the work. Greater motor units allows more muscle fiber to be recruited.

“Gain superiority in numbers.”

– The Warpath

Not only other people (a tribe), but more muscle fibers in your own body. This is how you tell your story – with your body.

The question is, What Cause are you taking up daily. And, What Cause are you asking your muscle fibers to take up?

A barbell? A job? A family? What are your goals?

Be forewarned, a distorted Cause comes from an unbalanced body, a literal and mental distorted image of self.

It seems to me that a central issue in our society is that we have many individuals with low self esteem, so as to believe their prospects are limited, and thus they no longer reach for their goals. They instead settle in their fears.

Join me on a path, even the Warpath of which I have spoken. Let’s grow stronger! It is time to live a story worth telling!