The Warpath

In military campaigns, a warpath is a predetermined path along which generals and their soldiers expect to encounter enemy strongholds, entrenched positions, and occupied territory.

For each of us, the Warpath is a journey. First, we must determine what we want to achieve. We must have a Vision.

Begin recruiting. As generals recruit soldiers to fight for them, we must recruit our minds and bodies, awaken our faculties to Take Up a Cause. The Cause is everything – it has to be. You might be asked to give your life for it.

Training must begin promptly. A trained army is an effective army. Proper nutrition, strength, and mobility. You must educate yourself.

Our soldiers are our muscles and our lieutenants are our minds – our actions must be in line with our thoughts. The body is a top down organization.

Learn strategies. How can you effectively counter opposition? You cannot afford to lose hard won territory along the Warpath.

Furthermore, there is only one direction in which the Warpath can be traversed. There is no going back – the enemy will fight you forever.

The Warpath of which I speak is your life. You’re going to have to face enemies, challenges, obstacles. There will be fortresses you must lay siege to and enemies who are better prepared than you are, better equipped and supplied.

You are going to think, There is no way I can win.

Form alliances. Gain superiority in numbers. Ask for help. Never take someone for granted.

Beware a dogmatic approach in all things. Do not buy into the idea of a predestined outcome. Change up tactics when necessary. Is the enemy’s position too heavily fortified? Do you suffer from toxic relationships? Find a way out.

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new tactic.

Again, the Warpath is predetermined. But what that means is, You have decided that there is no other way. The enemy cannot be negotiated with – they want to kill you. So you must fight.

This is the only way to Victory. So begin today.