The Storm

What is The Storm?

The Storm is the opposition in your life.

It is the event that will cause discord in your personal, professional, financial, and family affairs.

Life is full of these torrential downpours…

The Storm comes upon you when you lose your job, lose a friend. It is when a loved one falls ill or passes away. When children go wayward or spouses are unfaithful or unresponsive.

Why Prepare for The Storm?

It is coming. These events always come, although we may not anticipate them. There is no Doppler radar for these cataclysms.

And if we do not prepare – if we do not buy our generator and keep fuel on hand, if we don’t buy bottled water and sandbags – then the Storm will cause long-lasting damages, and may even take our lives or the lives of those we care about.

How to Prepare Yourself

Chiefly, we prepare ourselves through discipline. Listen to Jocko Willink speak on discipline.

You can prepare yourself by staying on the Warpath. Get on it and stay on it!

You can exercise discipline by never giving up ground – always pushing yourself.

“Learn strategies. How can you effectively counter opposition? You cannot afford to lose hard won territory along the Warpath…

“The Warpath of which I speak is your life. You’re going to have to face enemies, challenges, obstacles. There will be fortresses you must lay siege to and enemies who are better prepared than you are, better equipped and supplied.”

The Warpath

How to Prepare Others

Ultimately, you must lead others.

You will lead others by taking charge – doing what others won’t do, can’t do, or don’t want to do.

Just as you train yourself, you must train others continually – this is what never giving up ground means. On those days you would rather just take it easy, don’t.

Create systems – systems govern behavior. They perpetuate your values long after you are gone (whether promoted, retired, or dead).

Take for example, Most families have in their homes an emergency evacuation plan. When there is a fire, a burglary, or any crisis – when there is a Storm raging outside the door – what will you do? What have you trained to do?

It could be highly complex or as simple as, When we get out of the house, meet at the park across the street.

All of these things are explored in Warcloud Leadership.