The Perspective of Command

Taken from Commander’s Intent in the Command and Control Series.

You, as the Commander, must establish a relationship with your ground level troops. Remember, a body unable to communicate with itself is like a nation divided.

Take the perspective of a military leader. His has an eternal perspective, or at least very long-term perspective. In the midst of the battle, he sees the national end state, or the nation’s best interests.

Next down, you have senior military officers. Their perspective is long-term, but not eternal. Their perspective envelopes the duration of the conflict and perhaps the next campaign that follows.

Then you have the non-commissioned officers. Their perspective is short-term, limited to their current assignment.

At the bottom are ground level troops. Their perspective is micro-term, only encompassing their deployment.

What am I getting at here? The biceps does not know what your goal is. Muscles don’t know that you’re trying to get swole – they only know that resistance is being experienced and an appropriate force must be applied to fight it.

In order for your muscles to be recruited to a Cause, you must build a strong relationship with your body. A strong neurological connection with your muscles is needed.

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