The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is not something you can pick up and set down again. It is not a barbell, which can be left to rust. It is not a meal plan, which you can choose to follow casually.

Rather, it is a relationship you must develop and sustain through love and affection, as well as communication and accountability.

You cannot compromise the Code of Conduct, because it is a part of you. It is a relationship you must have with yourself – your body and mind.

You must begin programming yourself with this Code.

When you are under this obligation, you are responsible for your actions. You possess an elevated view – a broad perspective – and can see the National End State, or the future of your nation.

Inasmuch as you remember this Code of Conduct, you will be loyal to your nation. In the same way a Commander’s values are shared down the chain of command to his ground level troops, you will be unified in your Cause. Victory will be spontaneously achieved.

The Code of Conduct will assist you in defending your nation, which is to say, Yourself, and will help you fight against the Tyrant in your mind. You will receive new eyes capable of identifying insurgents, spies, and fake friends.

Ultimately, the Code of Conduct will help you stay on the Warpath.

An individual who sets out upon the Warpath should know that it takes deliberate action to progress along it.

The Warpath should not be traversed casually. If you choose to Begin, you should do so with full intent and purpose to achieve Victory.

By programming yourself with this Code of Conduct, you can continue to progress along the Warpath, towards Victory, even if you are captured. Because you know that you have a future, you can withstand and even overcome Resistance.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true. Darkness cannot overtake Light.