Support Elements Series

Unity of Command

Neuromuscular efficiency is improved when there is unity of command, meaning everyone knows who is in charge.

In military units, there is what is called the main effort. Everyone else supports the main effort in accomplishing the operation.

Your goals are the main effort. Make no mistake about it.

Conditioning the nervous system, stretching and nourishing your muscles with proper sports nutrition is what supports your goals.

Support the Troops

Recruiting soldiers to fight and die on your behalf is no easy endeavor. It is also difficult to recruit muscle fiber that is weak or malnourished.

As stated above, conditioning  the nervous system is important.

Supplying the muscles with proper nutrition is even more crucial.

Nourishing the muscular system is done by, what I call, maintaining a support element. Support elements are placed alongside the main effort on the battlefield to provide continual support.

These support elements are chiefly: water, fat, protein, various micro nutrients, sleep,  breath, and knowledge.