Lost Souls

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

Today is Black Friday, and while earlier this year I made a post regarding another arbitrary “holiday”, this one takes precedence as the most vain.

In the context of business, black refers to when a business’s profits exceed their costs. So, Black Friday is when a business can move out of the red and into the black on annual P&L’s.

Essentially, what it means is that a business spends all year long mismanaging their money (pissing it away, I like to say) and then must do something drastic in the late final quarter to change their fate.

And while it may be that a business can operate in such a way, we as humans cannot.

We cannot wait until the last moment. It truly takes concentrated effort over a long time to see results.

I hear of many new and incredible medical advances, which have the potential to extend life by preventing disease. These are wonderful but they do not replace our whole lives of healthy living.

There is no one day in the final quarter of life in which we can do all of our work. It must be meted out at a steady effort.

And, most importantly, we must start now. We have to begin by recruiting our nervous systems and the associated musculoskeletal systems. It takes time to establish Patterns of Behavior.

Else, we are lost souls with no story to tell.