Kinds of Light

Taken from New World Order in the Light Series.

Creative light – it turns on and suddenly something is there where before it wasn’t. This light originates from a god.

There is blinding light – so sudden and unexpected, we cannot see. This is light aimed at us by the universe. It makes it hard to discern what is beyond it. This is what we experience most of our mortal lives – a brilliant light, undeniably divine in origin, but it is difficult to see what comes after this life.

Directed light. This is the light aimed by the individual to identify their path. Like a spotlight, it brings one thing into complete clarity. This is inspiration.

Taken from A Kind of Light in the Light Series.

Another kind of Light is destructive light.

We have all heard the expression, “light a fire under someone.” Fire is destructive light. But its destructive potential has a positive effect, if you allow it.

When utilized, the fire within can burn away your excuses, it can drive you out from a bad situation. Or, you can do nothing and let it burn you to death.

No one can manipulate the flame inside you – it’s up to you whether you cultivate it for explosive affect, or mismanage it, or let it dwindle and extinguish.