SERE Training has enabled you to Escape to Freedom. As you have learned, the only guaranteed freedom is Free Will.

Because we are free to choose, we must accept responsibility for the decisions we make. Taking responsibility for our actions and their consequences is called Standing in Your Truth. You will not shift blame and you will not excuse yourself. You will take Ownership of your entire life. And you will be Free.

The most important thing we can do in our lives is make correct decisions pertaining to relationships and our health.

Sanctions & Royal Decrees

The difficulty in explaining Free Will is that we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

Some choices you make will inevitably prevent you from making some future choices. Some choices you make will open a New World of opportunities.

I cite your mind to the concept of One Day, and all that can be accomplished in one day, and all the factors that can play a part.

It is important that you value the time you have. Afterall, we only have so much. However, sanctioned use of our precious time can sometimes be the very thing preventing us from exercising our true Free Will. When we are afraid to make and keep commitments, we can never hope to achieve victory.

When we choose to take it a little easier, hit snooze, or avoid having a hard conversation, we are really digging ourselves a little deeper in that dry hole from which no sustenance can be derived.

As a leader of your nation, perhaps you think to make Royal Decrees by making hard lines in the sand about what you will and will not do. This can be helpful in maintaining you core beliefs and standing in your truth. But it also is the high road to tyranny.

One of the most fundamental concepts of the Warcloud Elite System is that you are on a path. You began this path long ago. Certain people believe that once you have started a path, you must finish it. Others will casually step on and off the path, and venture down strange paths or frivolous paths only to find a dead end.

But when you realize there is more than one way to achieve Victory, you are truly free. You are not bound by your past mistakes and you are not set on some dogmatic belief in the predestined outcome of all your hard work thus far.

I heard it said that the most dangerous people are those with an ideal view of the world and have been disillusioned. They will inevitably feel victimized by the world and will want to destroy it. The world you are creating through your choices will be a world of light or of darkness.

And the choice is entirely up to you.