Freedom Fighters

To be certain, no one wants to suffer tyranny and few of us would desire to be tyrants ourselves. To combat the power hungry mindset of a mad-king, we must become freedom fighters – liberators of our nations (our bodies).

Winning your freedom takes deliberate action. Perhaps you can utilize rage against the oppressive regime that hinders your goals.

I’m not talking about intimidation. This is not about exerting control over others, but rather asserting dominance over yourself – controlling your mind.

– Primal Rage

That being said, we have both the potential to be a tyrant or a freedom fighter. But those are extremes. Somewhere in the middle is a different kind of Commander.

A nice guy-fraternizer is a degree of tyrant that lets you take it a little easier and put it off for later.

How to Resist Self-tyranny

How can you stay on the Warpath, and keep others on it, rather than allowing your soldiers to “take it a little easier,” to become weak, or to eat themselves fat?

You have to be a disciplined leader and protector.

Some leaders try to protect their nations by building walls around them. Heavily muscled bodies seem to have armoring, but if rogue states develop within the nation, those powerful muscles can be short and tonic – they become operated by insurgents, spies, and traitors.

Surely, physical walls can provide protection. You can also build walls with people! I’ve spoken before about building a tribe – tribes protect one another.

But, to truly protect our nations, we have to program ourselves.

When others program us, our wills are compromised and weakened. If we program or control ourselves correctly, we can develop strong, supported bodies.

A few ways to program ourselves, support our troops, and protect our nation:

  1. A healthy morning routine, which includes hydration, meditation, and mobility.
  2. A nutrient rich diet
  3. Stress management, through resistance training (good stress) and recovery practices.

What Kind of Commander are you?

The Freedom Fighter-type has the eternal perspective of a Commander.

He could easily be a tyrant as he sees the national end state (you know your goals) and has power over all the ground level troops (you have voluntary control over your body). Instead, he shares his values (supports them) down to the ground level troops on the front line.

Furthermore, the freedom fighter knows that he is part of a whole – he is humble in this way. He has come to terms with his inevitable death in combat, or rather the death of his ego.

After the war ends, he knows he will not be needed as a Commander. Of course, in wartime, he knows he must fight – he must set boundaries, push his soldiers to excel, and make hard decisions which benefit the greater good sometimes only he can see.

After establishing a perimeter (dominating), however, he lays down his sword. Meanwhile, a Diplomat King ascends the throne.

Once harmony is achieved, after an outpouring of aggression, there must be tenderness to balance it.

The Diplomat King can do things the Freedom-fighting Commander cannot. He can form alliances and stimulate the economy – after your own war (your workout), you can begin recover through hydration, sports nutrition, and sleep.

The freedom fighter refrains from retaining his position of power. He is not trying to start another war. Otherwise he would be a tyrant.

While the nice guy-fraternizer ignores or does not see the national end state, the tyrant get things done, but they are doing the wrong things – they are creating a rogue state, getting their soldiers killed, and threatening the nations around them.

I suppose, once an individual is made aware of threats to their identity, programming efforts by the enemy, and the existence of shadow governments, they might say:

“There is no way I can win.”

– The Warpath

It is simply untrue, because freedom is an inherent gift to us. We just have to accept it, which we do through discipline – consistent, daily effort.

Once we have liberated ourselves from the tyrant within, we can choose to thwart uprisings from taking place. You have seized control of your nation. It now becomes necessary to implement counterinsurgency strategies and tactics, to maintain dominance.