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What kind of Commander are you?

A tyrant?

The truth: You over-train. You are plagued with injuries and muscular imbalances. You don’t drink enough water. You punish yourself (beat yourself up) over failures in the gym or in your diet.

The story you have told yourself: Nonetheless, you are dedicated. You have learned from your mistakes and continue to press the attack! You won’t ever give up.

A nice guy-fraternizer?

The truth: You are afraid to lift heavier. You spend time researching new programs instead of actually training. You have convinced yourself that you have hit your genetic limitations – the physique you desire just isn’t attainable.

The story you have told yourself: But you have learned from past mistakes and have decided that a more holistic approach suits your lifestyle.

Both lie at the outermost ends of the spectrum. And, from time to time, you may feel that you take on characteristics of both.

But, what you need to become is a freedom fighter.

Oh no, you won’t be fighting for your freedom – you’ll be fighting for the freedom of your nation. It’s not just about you anymore.

Prerequisite to becoming a freedom fighter is to be fully awake – alert to the tall tales and white lies that are told to you. You’ll need to be able to see behind the false flags that veil your true potential.

As of this moment, you are either locked within a tower of suppressed ambitions or you stand at the pulpit, a figurehead for the shadow government which controls you.

Don’t worry – this is the result of your programming. It’s not who you really are. But you must come to terms with your predicament: you are surrounded on all sides by an enemy set on your destruction.

What crooked path have you followed?