Discourses on Free Will, Part 1

Taken from Love the Tyrant in the Immediate Action Drill Series.

You have fulfilled the role of a Commander (click here, if you haven’t). A part of you is most comfortable when everything is under your control. After all, we spent an entire series exploring Command and Control!

But you cannot control everything. There are many things that are completely out of your control. While you should make constant effort to control as much of your immediate surroundings as possible, you must also take into consideration that other people have their own Free Will.

Losing control, or in other words, having control taken from you by another’s free will, can teach you a tremendous lesson as a leader.

Anticipate Failure, and Achieve Victory

You should be adequately prepared for failure. Remember that the intensity of resistance is relative to your preparation.

Therefore, I would encourage you to lower your expectations of others. If you expect nothing from anyone – you do not expect handouts or help – then you will always be in control. You cannot be left high and dry if you have prepared yourself, physically and mentally, to fight your battles alone!

There is a dichotomy here: you must be willing to ask for help when necessary. The key is to not rely solely on others when things get tough. To be in control, you must occasionally accept that you will lose control.

It reminds me of when Elliot Hulse said, Every master was once a disaster. To master yourself, you must wade through the disasters that occur. You cannot constantly reach out for a hand as you slip below the waves – you sometimes just have to swim!