Decide Who You Are

Each day, we begin our own stories. But I wonder, Are we starting them properly? Are we becoming invested in our own stories? Are we doing what is right for ourselves?

Each morning, we need to make a New Beginning for ourselves. It’s a redemptive process we MUST execute personally.

– New Beginnings: Telling Your Story

If we are beginning our story every day, What story are we telling? Do we even know?

My concern is that we are not beginning our story the right way. And because of that, we don’t really know who we are.

It is my belief that we tell our stories through movement, or action. We cannot tell our stories as we sit idle. Furthermore, we cannot learn who we really are unless we tell our stories.

The reason that I say, It is a redemptive process to make a New Beginning, is because it is never too late to start telling your story. As long as you are Alive, you can tell it. And you can Begin anew every morning.

A few weeks ago, my brother and I were hiking a trail together. We came upon a more advanced mountain biking trail.

As we continued along the hiking trail that ran adjacent to it, a guy rode his bike up to the Beginning of the trail, and dubiously asked, Is this ride-able? to no one in particular. Then, he turned his bike around and left.

At first, I didn’t know what he was asking. Of course it is, I thought. I mean, it was obviously prepared for mountain biking.

After my brother and I went on a ways, I mentioned what the guy had said. My brother remarked candidly, That trail was for real riders, and asked, Are you a real rider or a wimp?

He was not challenging the man’s skill level – he was challenging his intentions for riding altogether.

Our intention for Beginning our story should be known to us if we intend to tell it to others. The authenticity of our stories will attract followers, while the lack of authenticity will attract fake followers.

This morning, I want you to make up your mind – Decide Who You Are – are you a real rider or not? Are you In or are you Out?