Contracts and Corporate Affiliations

Taken from Logistics: Meal Prep and Scheduling in the Counterinsurgency Series.

As stated above, “Completely understand all risk/reward aspects: what is worth your time and money, and what is not.”

Beware entering into contracts, whether they be on paper or verbal, which bind you to the service of another.

Of all people, readers of this blog should know to avoid potential tyrannies.

An army which has many corporate affiliations becomes a Slave Army, bound to the cycles of the world economy. Supply and demand will make your army a juggernaut, relentless in its unceasing conquests – this is a distorted Cause, a bloody Warpath.

Furthermore, guard your time and how others dictate your schedule. One of my mentors, Elliot Hulse, once taught me that your career or job should be aligned with your own values.

Quit Your Job and Train! (This is an older video, so pardon the video quality – but the content is gold!)

If you must sacrifice one of the above logistical necessities for a paycheck, you have already lost the war we are all fighting.