Taken from Ownership: The Antidote to Your Excuses in the Counterinsurgency Series.

Effective communication will result in fewer misunderstandings along the chain of command.

However, what I would like to focus on is communicating and sharing your values with those below you in the chain of command.

Ways to ensure that your values are shared among your subordinates:

  1. Remember that communication is always 2-way. Do not dictate to your team. Instead, provide the purpose for what you are trying to accomplish – people desire meaning.
  2. Make communication easy. Give someone your phone number instead of your email. Gather all members of the team into an instant-chat group.
  3. Spend quality time with subordinates – make the time you spend with them of high quality, regardless of the work involved.
  4. Lead by example before verbal coaching – many of your values and habits will be adopted quickly as they realize what is important to you.
  5. Celebrate wins and praise often.

Think of the nervous system’s role in an exercise. Consider how it communicates with the muscular system and promotes continual communication via neurological pathways. There cannot be any interference in the dialogue between the mind and muscle – they must be united in their mission.

I’ve said that your muscles do not know your goals, that they only know resistance and the need to overcome it. However, the peripheral nervous system gathers external information for the body, reaching beyond your nation’s borders.

Perhaps, because of this continual communication, the muscles do know your goals.

The question I leave with you is, Are you communicating effectively with those around you? Or are you catatonic? Are you progressing, or can you no longer see your Vision?

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