Command & Control

Victory is not the end. You still have a war to fight!

Trapped in the Ivory Tower

As a Commander, there is a chance you may remain too far removed from the ground level troops you purportedly lead. Your elevated position gives you much broader perspective and increased understanding about the overall mission. This increases the probability of becoming a tyrant, pressing the attack and giving no thought to the countless lives lost.

At the other end of the spectrum is the nice-guy fraternizer who is too worried about ruffling feathers or offending someone to get anything done.

These are the results of taking up a distorted Cause. You have not established your values. Or they have been hijacked by the weaker part of your mind.

From a young age, we are conditioned by society. We are told how to act, how to talk, how to be happy, and how to forget.

Repression and suppression are the subjects we were taught in schools and in our homes.

And, unfortunately, most of us scored an A+.

Today, some are deemed incapable of learning the repressive arts, and are given chemicals to dull or even extinguish their Light.

In this way, we have been deprived of the nourishing Light we need. Some become victims and develop predatory eyes, hungry for flesh to devour.

Predators feast on others to make themselves whole. But we must absorb Light – eat it, take it in through our eyes, mouth, tongue, nails, and skin – every pore.

Light draws us out from the Ivory Tower of Intellect – the skull, where borrowed knowledge governs our actions. This is where dogmatic thinking rules – the tyrant’s throne.

The Ivory Tower has an iron gate to keep emotions suppressed and locked away. Lay siege to it from within – break down the barriers that smother who you really are.

Command and control is about solving problems through leadership! All these problems are your fault! Remember that everything we discuss starts with taking ownership!

You will need to assume a Commanding presence and control yourself, that is to say your mind and body. Remember what you have learned thus far on the Warpath and you will achieve many victories throughout the Command and Control Series.