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Victory: Escape to Freedom

The Truth has set you free.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true. Darkness cannot overtake Light.

The Code of Conduct

You have been on an incredible journey. You began, I believe, as a Follower. You were envisioning a bright future, but you don’t have to dream anymore. As you studied what it really means to achieve Victory, you took upon yourself the title of Commander and Freedom Fighter.

But you did not only fight for your freedom. You also fought for the freedom of your whole nation.

But with Freedom comes responsibility. I assume that is no surprise to you – someone who takes Ownership of everything!

The Last Freedom

Free Will is the only guaranteed freedom we possess – the right to choose.

The truth is, We are free to act for ourselves. And, with freedom to choose, we find that we can choose liberty and life or captivity and death.

On the one hand, we follow Light and on the other, we hand our lives over to the Tyrant inside us. We build up our kingdom or we build up his.

Yes, we are free to choose poorly. We can make as many mistakes as we want. You see, we are not free from the consequences of our decisions. Nevertheless, as you surely know, we can learn from our failures.

Yes, learn from your failures. And then choose to fix the problems you become aware of. What caused you to fail in the first place? If you do not eliminate those weaknesses, then you cannot achieve Victory.

Of course, you know that Freedom is not a passive activity. You have to fight for it.

Victory is only attained when your enemies are dead and you have total control of the territory. The enemies of which I speak are your excuses, your delusions, your idleness, your toxic and stagnant relationships.

Victory is attained when you have overcome all obstacles. Even as you take the enemy’s castle and hang your banners in the throne room, if rebels plot in the darkness, you have not won.

The Victory Series


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Demilitarize our Nation, Part 3: Elimination Diets

Addressing the issue of gun violence, some demand dramatic reform of gun laws.

This is frankly an irrational strategy, very narrow-minded, and adheres to tyrannical philosophies.

But this is a charged, controversial issue. Let’s take a step back.

The All-or-Nothing Fallacy: Disarmament

If you are trying to lose weight, you may eliminate certain foods from your diet and perhaps incorporate time restrictive eating. You could count calories, count macros, drink more water, etc.

Or, you can just stop eating. You can cut down your caloric intake so drastically that your organs start to fail. Diet shakes, detox pills, and starvation can cause terrible damage to your body – your nation.

Some people even dismember their bodies in weight loss surgeries. It is the opposite of Remembering to Dismember. We forget who were are because we have become divided, and in these circumstances, people have thrust away a part of themselves, and forgotten it.

Generally, people who disfigure themselves through self-mutilation and starvation have a distorted Cause they believe in. They divide themselves physically, but first emotionally, which behavior originates from the inability to communicate with others.

Be forewarned, a distorted Cause comes from an unbalanced body, a literal and mental distorted image of self.

It seems to me that a central issue in our society is that we have many individuals with low self esteem, so as to believe their prospects are limited, and thus they no longer reach for their goals. They instead settle in their fears.

– Take up a Cause, Part 3: Telling Your Story

Divided, the body no longer functions as it once did. The divisions of the body, or nation, can no longer understand one another.

And we fear what we do not understand.

The Tyrant’s Most Effective Lie

Going back to Idolatry, people are trying anything to get their supposedly-desired results  – I want to look like that, so I’m going to do all these things I have seen that person do! (This is the All or Nothing Philosophy)

Then, after hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent, they exclaim, I’ve tried everything!

But you haven’t. You haven’t tried being consistent. You haven’t tried being consistent for five years!

You didn’t actually put forth the effort to solve the problem with your health. Instead, you’ve just been going for the quick fixes. That’s what the tyrant would tell you to do – take it a little easier, put it off for tomorrow, and in the meantime, Buy my “Keto Meal Plan.”

Yesterday, I wrote about how some young people are grieved because they are not where they want to be professionally or personally.

But life is a marathon. These people are trying to cash in their chips, so to speak, in their 20’s, their 30’s, even their 50’s. They’re saying, Hey! I’ve gotta’ make something happen, because I’m running out of time!

They’ve been convinced that they have no future. That is a Great Lie told by the Tyrant.

You see this with the politically-charged issues of present day: climate change, gun violence, etc.

“If we don’t fix this right now, we’re done!”

“If we don’t ban guns, our kids will die at school!”

“If we don’t do XYZ, the Earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years!”

It’s Fear-mongering. It’s saying, We don’t have a future unless you do what I want you to do. It is effectively stripping others of their free will.

“You can’t do what you want to do, because you’re foolish. But I know the way! You have to give up your guns, stop eating meat, and start recycling.” All they need now is a product to sell you.

That’s what tyrants do – they seize away others freedom and build up their own kingdoms. Here’s the kicker, If there is no future, why would they want a kingdom at all?

Because they know what you have forgotten: that there is a Bright Future ahead.

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Finding a Way

In martial arts, means the path or the way, and even the way of nature and/or the ideal way to live one’s life. This is the philosophical side of martial arts that has always intrigued and captivated me.

We do not always do what is best for ourselves. Sometimes, we listen to the wrong voices. But we should listen to our bodies. We should even listen to what we say. Keeping your promises is important. It is a key to remaining free from the tyrant who tells so many lies. 

Finding a way is the crowning element of SERE Training. It means you are taking control of your life. You are making your own decisions. You are prioritizing what is best for you and your family. You are Executing every concept of the Warcloud Elite System thus far.

Finding a way means you are justifying doing what is hard. You are giving in. You are surrendering to something greater. You are taking the high ground.

Finding a way is an active process.

An individual who sets out upon the Warpath should know that it takes deliberate action to progress along it.

– The Code of Conduct

No, Victory is not achieved by accident. You are going to have to choose to move on, progress, and fight.

Finding a way will help you deal with hardest things a person can go through:

  • Combating addiction
  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Resisting suicide and self destruction

Finding a way does not mean you avoid these issues. Do not tell a different story about reality. Rather you are enabled to find a way out of toxic relationships, find a way out of patterns of behavior and predictable patterns, and avoid tyrannical tendencies.

You have decided that there is no other way. The enemy cannot be negotiated with – they want to kill you. So you must fight.

– The Warpath

SERE Training

Black Sites

Some people are prisoners.

They are trapped in the Ivory Tower of Intellect. They are are not taken in the night to these black sites in their minds, but rather they are carefully lured there – they actually believe they belong there.

Light draws us out from the Ivory Tower of Intellect – the skull, where borrowed knowledge governs our actions. This is where dogmatic thinking rules – the tyrant’s throne.

The Ivory Tower has an iron gate to keep emotions suppressed and locked away. Lay siege to it from within – break down the barriers that smother who you really are.

– Trapped in the Ivory Tower

The Light of which I speak shows us Truth. There are many truths that set us free.

One such truth, I have already discussed in two previous posts:

Stability and Control, Part 2: Eliminating Hypocrisy

Injustices and Corrupt Judges

One such supposed injustice pertains to our opportunities in life.

For example, Some people possess the inherent qualities of a leader and yet never attain a leadership position…

I would say, Good! More time to execute and work on yourself!

…Meanwhile, some people who are deficient or utterly lack these inherent qualities ascend the throne.

Positions of Power

It is key for Agents such as ourselves to not be deceived by the tall tale that says we must achieve some lofty position of power. If you have been led to believe this, I would ask you to consider that perhaps it is not the right time.

Remember, Our powers are developed through meeting and overcoming resistance. It does not come because of a title, an office, or even a throne.

Some young people are overcome with grief that they are not yet in their career field. Even at 25 or 30 years old, some people feel that if they have not achieved their ideal position in their dream job, they have not yet reached their potential and have missed something, or they are past their prime.

It reminds me of the video I posted of the young man suffering from catatonic schizophrenia. (Click here to read about Catatonia and see the video)

Break down the word Catatonic, the root word CATA meaning down or a regression, and TONIC referring to stretching of the muscles. We’ve discussed how muscles can become increasingly tonic, or tight, when imbalances occur in the body.

The young man in the video is so caught up in the story he has told himself! He has not only listened to the lies told to him, but he has believed them and incorporated them as an integral part of his identity. He is unwilling to give them away.

We can only imagine that it originates from a past trauma, and has spread throughout the body like a virus – distorting his Cause and creating a Rogue State in the place of his nation.

Establish a Perimeter

It is important to Establish a Perimeter even around and within your own mind. Or, in other words, Set boundaries with yourself.

Do not allow injustices to cause you to devalue yourself in the present or in the future.

The young man in the video had devalued himself in the present and in the future. He had become consigned to his fate, and therefore cannot see his own future.

Recognize that you have a future. It is a bright future. Now is not the time to stop – that would be a catatonic state.

Catatonic states occur in the Human mind and can lead to a reduced perspective. People become blind and cannot see their own future. As a result, they consider suicide as an option to end further suffering. They do not see a way out.

But the way out is to keep moving – keep telling your story through the movement of your body. As Agents, we must act and choose and live.

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Don’t Get Captured, Part 2: Telling our Stories

A year ago, as we sought to understand Victory, I explained that to evade capture, we must set definitive goals. If captured, if imprisoned behind the stories we tell ourselves, we cannot achieve Victory.

Setting definitive goals allows us to work within a process in which we can learn if we really want to achieve the goals before spending too much time trying. What qualifies as Victory to one person may be miserable defeat to another.

With more Light on the subject, I believe the way we evade capture is to keep moving. After all, We tell our stories through the shortening and lengthening of our muscles. When we Take up a Cause, we have to be deliberate in our actions lest the Cause slip from our fingers.

Tension is what creates stability, which we normally refer to as posture. Contracting the musculature creates a tension, which prepares the body for additional load, or resistance.

– Patterns of Behavior

Our posture should be a place of integrity from which we may act freely – free of pain and free to act and not be acted upon. We must realize that we are Agents unto ourselves.

The way to best avoid calamity is to not procrastinate. But the time to prepare is past. Does that mean we have failed? Does that mean we are lost souls?

No. Whether you are on the run, or taken in shackles to the prison cell, you can still take control as long as you are willing to take Ownership.

As long as you are alive, you can still tell your story!

Rogue Ops

Have you lately been encouraged to become a Bridge?

That may sound like a strange question, but depending on how Google’s algorithm has acted upon your social media feeds, you may receive daily programming on the benefits of becoming a Bridge.

One of several videos with a monotone narrator will explain the “concept of a bridge” and lure you to a single page website with further instructions.


We just discussed in the last post about Becoming Weaponized and, if you are not careful, becoming a Rogue Agent.

Rogue Agents continue to communicate with their handlers back home. They make and retrieve dead drops. They appear to be functional, but really they are bound in a quagmire of lies – executing false flag operations and working to undermine their own nation to create a Rogue State.

But the programming is often effective – you are going to have to resist. In the following post in this series, we will explore Resistance further. In the meantime…

Do not succumb to the tall tales and white lies of the media.

Do not seek for sustenance in dry holes.

A Man in a prison cell does not have to be a prisoner. Take the High Ground.