Security Elements Series

Trade Agreements & Globalization

We have completed the majority of the SERE Training series (there is more to come).

Thus far, we have incorporated the concepts of developing a more secure nation combined with the skills to survive and escape oppressive tyrants, both within and without our nations (our bodies).

SERE Training is a way to respond to crises. Meanwhile, Security Elements are for the thwarting and preemptive elimination of threats to our sovereign nations.

Furthermore, the concepts we explore herein rely on the execution of daily or regular protocols in order to achieve long term goals.

Today, we will address a new threat to our nation.

Elevated Threat Level

So you may be asking yourself, Which threat has surfaced to which I am blind?

It is important to understand that your eyes are important for discerning your immediate threats.

For example, most prey animals’ eyes are located on the sides of their heads, which allows peripheral detection of threats. We as humans, however, have our eyes on the front of our faces, therefore marking us as predators.


While this allows us to bear down on known threats or detect opportunities, it leaves us vulnerable to threats behind and to the sides of us.

In the world today, the management of our nations has been delegated to governments – specifically representatives.

These representatives should possess the same values as their constituents. In other words, they should be able to discern the Commander’s Intent, or will of the nation.

As we are the head honcho of our nation, the government is responsible for conducting national affairs however we decide.

If you remember, a part of our long-term metamorphosis is to become a Diplomat King. Becoming such places more responsibility upon our shoulders, and representative governments are less important. Of course, that can only be achieved when Peace is established.

When there is a war to be fought, our goals and directives will be more focused on those concepts detailed in the Warpath.

Nevertheless, if we are to execute our office as a Diplomat King, this places within our stewardship certain aspects of developing and maintaining a healthy nation.

One such aspect is the nation’s Economy.

Addressing Tall Tales and White Lies

What is an Economy?

It is a fluid membrane around the whole of your nation. If functioning correctly, an Economy protects a nation meanwhile allowing needful resources to pass through. In other words, The Economy creates quality of life.

An Economy should provide stability to the nation and its people. Though, whether it actually achieves its purpose is largely dependent on the wise stewardship over said nation.

Again, stability is the outcome of a healthy Economy. Currency should not suddenly gain worth and then immediately lose it. Goods and services should be commoditized, and therefore the needful things the people require should be attainable by the lower, middle, and higher classes equally.

Clearly this is not always the case. After all, no one has promised that your nation will be a utopia.

Nevertheless, our goal should be to create stability within our nation.

What we must do is decide whether or not to allow other nations around us to determine our Freedom. Or rather, our quality of life.

In each sovereign nation, they have delegated the management of their nation to a government as well. Governments by definition are selfish. Governments do not want their neighboring states to be equally stable and as prosperous as their own.

Do not be deceived by utopian philosophies. Equality is a false doctrine (a tall tale), impossible to attain in the wilderness in which we now live.

There will be a time during the destiny of the Earth in which the lamb shall lay down with the lion, but at this present time, there are predators and there are prey and they must behave according to their respective natures.

Therefore, we will continue to fight one another for the acquisition of resources.

Free Trade

There are white lies told by one nation to another. They are bound in sweet words as though uttered by lovers, meanwhile poised daggers are clutched beneath the sheets.

We call these white lies Trade Agreements, and while many economists believe such agreements promote healthy economies, it is important to understand long-term implications of accepting such agreements.

Remember back to Contracts and Corporate Affiliations.

Until the next part of this series, consider your quality of life and determine how it can be improved.

Security Elements Series

Russian Bots & Troll Armies

Throughout this series, you have been introduced to concepts for protecting your nation in a passive sense.

You have hopefully established a perimeter, which is to say, Your assets are protected – your assets are primarily your time and money. You should continue to develop new strategies to avoid complacency.

You have received training – a familiarization, if you will, on the following:

  1. Identifying weaknesses in your daily routine
  2. Discerning truth – recognizing the lies you have been told and tracing your patterns of behavior back to their origins
  3. Taking the High Ground – developing personal integrity and gaining perspective
  4. Understanding from whence debt comes and how to avoid it
  5. Investing for the future by reverse engineering (from the above post).

Alongside the various security elements, you been guided with a series of Immediate Action Drills. I hope you have taken the time to execute them as appropriate.

All of these are a Preparation for you – both defensive and offensive protocols for the security of your nation.

And if we do not prepare – if we do not buy our generator and keep fuel on hand, if we don’t buy bottled water and sandbags – then the Storm will cause long-lasting damages, and may even take our lives or the lives of those we care about.

The Storm

Shadow Wars

Apparently, we have graduated from the traditional wars of old. In the past, one army would be arrayed before another and Men would fight one another. The strongest of them would survive and would claim Victory.

But it is different in this present age. No longer do soldiers fight on battlefields of dirt and clay. Instead, they operate drones from clandestine locations.

The enemy has adopted this manner of warfare, for which you may be unprepared.

They launch vicious cyber-attacks from keyboards. Your perimeter is breached by ghosts in computer code. Your command is threatened by malicious web brigades of faceless bots and trolls.

You may ask, Kevin, have you prepared me ill for this war?

Jammed Communications

Your communications have been jammed, rendered inert. You are not in control of your own breath.

Without communication, your Field Operations become disorganized and your soldiers cannot receive vital intelligence. Your nation has been destabilized by the undermining efforts of the Tyrant.

4. Field Operations Completely understand all risk/reward aspects: what is worth your time and money, and what is not.

Logistics: Meal Prep and Scheduling

Your time is always best spent developing relationships.

Furthermore, you should understand that our communications, or the ability to communicate within our nation, is impacted by the volume of contradictory communications: otherwise known as Propaganda and Disinformation.

Volume can refer to the actual volume (how loud the propaganda is) and it can refer to the amount of propaganda. If our nation cannot hear our voice, and instead is listening to the lies of an enemy nation, then we are a nation-divided.

This is not a Drill!

In fact, this is the Storm. You have come under attack, assailed by the tyrant’s whirlwind.

You know how to fight – you have been fighting all your life. It is time to execute emergency procedures.

In a financial crisis, this is when an emergency savings fund in necessary.

But, we can be prepared physically and still suffer if we are not prepared mentally. After all, most of our imbalances are rooted energetically, originating from a trauma long ago.

I have procured a secure line of communication. Join me as I take you through a specialized SERE training series.

Security Elements Series

Patterns of Behavior, Part 3: Pay Yourself First

It is critically important that you understand the two overarching concepts within the Security Elements series. For this reason, I will depart from the use of elaborate metaphors and frivolous wordplay (if only for a moment).

The first is to avoid consumer debt in the form of credit cards and loans. Except in the case of purchasing a modest home and fulfilling transportation requirements, receiving a loan has diminishing returns and possesses no possibility of return on investment.

Regardless of whether you now possess some debt, you will inevitably require a loan for one of the two reasons mentioned above.

Prioritize and Execute

Debt should be addressed like any other enemy target requiring elimination. However, different targets require different tactics. A machine gun nest on a hill will be impervious to an infantry advance.

Change up tactics when necessary. Is the enemy’s position too heavily fortified?

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new strategy.

– The Warpath

A lot of financial gurus will tell you to start paying off one debt or another.

But math is not the problem if you have accumulated debt. The problem is your behavior. (See both Part One and Part Two of Patterns of Behavior)

The first priority is to begin living a strict, written budget and eliminate as many sources of present debt as possible. Once you are actually spending less than you are making, you can begin prioritizing one debt or another (i.e. highest/lowest interest rate, longest/shortest term, etc.)

Denying the Enemy Resources

What is the last bill you paid? A phone bill? Utilities? Car payment?

What was the first bill you paid after you received your last paycheck?

Was it to that creditor who has been nagging you?

Perhaps you are more diligent, and you paid off the balance on your credit card.

But answer me this: when do you pay yourself?

Why ensure the service provider receives their due before making a payment to your own savings account?

Let them wait. Prioritize yet again and pay yourself first every time you receive your paycheck – this will build a robust savings account over time. Determine how much you are capable of contributing to an emergency fund and then pay those you owe with what is left over.

This is not the common approach to saving. Most people pay everyone else first and then have nothing left to save, or save only a fraction of what they are actually capable of saving.

Again, math is not the problem. I know you have only so much money coming into the bank account each month. But the problem is your behavior i.e. what you are doing with the money while it stays in your bank account.

Prioritize and Execute by paying yourself first, meanwhile Deny the Enemy Resources by letting them wait until after you have paid in to your future.

This is the key to creating a bright future for yourself and your family.

Security Elements Series

National Debt

Last year, on Black Friday, I published a post titled Lost Souls.

Make no mistake, When you are indebted to someone else, you are not free. You’re a slave. Any money you earn must be distributed among your creditors, whom only provided credit in the first place.

Creditors give you neither money nor substance. Sounds a lot like a dry hole.

Avoid accepting credit from others and therefore avoid accruing all manner of debt. Imagine the food you eat and the dues you pay your gym are all from a creditor, and once the time comes to collect the debt, they instead collect your gains.

I know it may sound absurd. You’re probably saying, Kevin, they don’t want my gains – they want their money!

But they didn’t give you money – they gave you what you desired. If your desires are naught but loaned to you, then the satisfying of your desires are also only credited to you. They are not your own.

You then have no soul.

Freedom Fighters

Unfortunately, in our day and age, everyone accumulates debt of some kind. The false freedom of making payments on a substantial purchase only ensnares you – you become Captured – and then you are sent to work as a slave until the balance is paid.

Balance. That’s an interesting term the creditor uses. Remember that we have talked a lot recently about achieving balance, stability, and control.

These are necessary for fighting a Counterinsurgency! But when you owe a balance, meaning you have not actually achieved balance for yourself, then you are not in control of your nation.

If you are indebted, then the freedom for which you must fight for is your own. You cannot inspire and nourish a Tribe if you are not free. You cannot become a Diplomat King, or any kind of king or leader.

But that does not mean that the nation is in anarchy. There is someone in control, and that someone is a Tyrant.

Invest for the Future

The Tyrant wants you to believe his lies and one of the Great Lies is that you have no future.

Your willingness to believe this lie could be rooted energetically, originating from trauma. Regardless of where the lie originates, it is still a lie. Lies can be proven untrue by careful analysis called: reverse engineering.

By reverse engineering, you start where you are and you work your way backwards. You discover many things in this process. You become aware of your weaknesses, you see things for what they really were (hindsight being 20/20), and you take Ownership of everything.

During this process, you will realize that you failed from time to time, but that was not the worst thing that could have happened. You probably learned from mistakes.

When we fail, we learn. We can feel the bitter sting of defeat and hopefully, we should never want to feel that again, which becomes an accelerant for the Destructive Light inside us.

Misfires and Catastrophic Failures

Catastrophic failures are rare. Do not believe that you are out of options – you can continue onward on the Warpath, even after devastating defeats, as long as you have received the benefit of failure, which is a new perspective.

People who catastrophically fail:

• Did not try
• Did not exhaust all their resources
• Did not become resourceful
• Did not become highly motivated
• Did not try something different
• Did not move outside their comfort zone
• Thought they already had the answers
• Were not willing to do everything necessary to make it work

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Security Elements Series

Take the High Ground, Part 3: Being Honest

The High Ground is a place of broad perspective – you can see more clearly and are aware of all potential threats that may come upon you. A warning: beware of threats close to you, such as traitors, insurgents, and spies.

Furthermore, the High Ground is also a place of integrity. To keep both the moral and strategic High Ground, a you must resist the inner-tyrant.

A High Place, not a High Horse

Conduct your life and your finances from a place of integrity. Do not boast of your own strengths. Your soldiers stand guard at the perimeter, your peripheral nervous system casts sensors over your encampment and even reaches beyond, into darkened mists of fog of war. It is your job to support them.

You should be honest in your dealings with others. As I discussed in a previous post, Honesty is an energetically-rooted attribute – a pattern of behavior.

Your habit of honesty creates an uncompromising integrity upon which you can build relationships that will last.

Now, only once you have strengthened and conditioned your nervous system and created a place of integrity, you may begin to develop your Plan.

Perspective and Vantage Points

The Perspective of Command allows you, as the Commander, to see the national end state. That is another burden of command, because sometimes it’s not pretty. You have a unique perspective of reality, and despite the carnage of war, you can make sense of it as a necessary thing.

In this way, your ability to be detached is critical to your success. Review what I have discussed pertaining to Optics.

Your increased perspective will also allow you to choose a course of action with the least casualties, fewer engagements with the enemy when outnumbered, and you will have better intelligence on the disposition of the enemy as well as the local populace.

However, when it is necessary to strike, you will be prepared.

What does any of this have to do with protecting your assets and securing a bright financial future for your nation? Everything!