Immediate Action Drills

Injustices and Corrupt Judges

Some people don’t feel like life is fair. They are paranoid Commanders who distrust their lieutenants, fearing betrayal, and keep a vigilant security detail with them at all times.

Adding an element of security is not only helpful but necessary for our nation’s future. But it is one thing to promote wisdom and frugality, and it is another to hoard our resources and rule with an iron fist.

The reason that we as Humans desire fairness and equality is, Because we desire balance within our Tribe.

The ability to comprehend fairness (what is fair and what is not) is an evolutionary trait in Humans…

This is not the same as right and wrong. This has less to do with the morality of a situation and more to do with maintaining balance within groups of people, and therefore promotes stability and accountability.

Stability and Control, Part 2: Eliminating Hypocrisy

We do not want to be the one to whom a lesser share is meted out, neither do we really want anyone else to receive a lesser share than that which they deserve. If someone participates in the Tribe’s activities, they deserve a share. The exception to this is when we feel threatened.

Elevated Threat Level

We have all felt spited and singled out. This evokes a sympathetic response from our nervous system, because in our past, if we received a lesser share, it meant receiving less food or inadequate shelter from our Tribe.

It would have been a matter of life and death to receive unjust treatment.

Therefore, when we are unjustly accused or treated with malcontent by others, we become disaffected with our Tribe and pull away. In our minds, It is better to be alone, relying on our own merits and strengths, than to be reliant on people who do not care about us.

As we move farther away from the Tribe, we will eventually incorporate into another Tribe, especially one with drastically different views and values than our home-Tribe.

Why do we become disgusted with the original Tribe? The trauma is from whence our new disposition comes from – it originates from an energetically-rooted imbalance – and exists to protect ourselves by distancing ourselves.

When we become angry or annoyed, we often seek comfort in being alone if no one is “on our side,” or we flee to someone who will commiserate with us. Either way, we begin to plot the downfall of the alleged persecutors, declaring them as enemies of the state!

We come Corrupt Judges ourselves if we use an injustice against us as evidence to condemn another.

There is a tendency for one who is victimized to become an assailant or predator themselves. There are innumerable examples of predators who also were preyed upon when young.

However, that is no excuse.

Instead, when you are attacked, refuse to label yourself a victim. When you are a victim, you become weak and sometimes, you consider yourself deserving of the attack. It is a vicious process: first born of anger and resentment (it was not fair), you had no one to protect you, you were alone (now you will be alone forever), it is everyone else’s fault (they do not understand), maybe they were right (I deserved it).

Peace brings a perfect fairness. But to attain Peace, you must be willing to fight against injustice. Begin Preparing for War by Taking the High Ground.

Immediate Action Drill

This is more of a long-term drill, which will take diligent efforts.

Cease all inner-dialogue following a slight or an offense made against you. When you are singled out or unjustly accused, accept the injustice but realize that you are not, in fact, guilty. Despite what anyone else believes, you remain Free.

Do not review the conversation in your mind all day or into the next day. Let it go.

Immediate Action Drills

Prepare for War, Part 2

How well do you know your limitations?

From ultra-marathon runners to Navy SEALS, we have heard about individuals who have pushed past their perceived physical limits and achieved near-super human feats.

The David Goggins story abounds across social media, and when it comes to training mindset, there are few people who reach his influence on such a scale.

Goggins has a theory, which states: when you think you’re at 100% of your output, you’re really only at 40%. In essence, You can do A LOT more than what you think you can do.

Where do our thoughts come from?

Our thoughts are perceptions often based on what we have previously experienced. Experiencing it could include doing something yourself or experiencing it second-hand, learning about it, etc.

In other words, thoughts are stories – stories you have been told and then tell yourself.

We should be wary of thinking we know anything. A better practice would be to base our thoughts on what we can do at that very moment.

If you’re resting on your past laurels, if you’re patting yourself on the back for what you did yesterday, you mustn’t be doing much today.

Overcoming Barriers

So, Do you know your limits?

The peripheral nervous system seems to think so!

The peripheral nervous system has a job, and that job is to anticipate resistance and, when conditioned properly, provide a response to prepare you for that resistance.

If you have every picked up an item which was either much heavier or lighter than you expected, you have experienced the nervous system’s anticipation to a false perception. Basically, you thought you knew something. But you didn’t.

The peripheral nervous system can assist you in knowing your limits, but it is a system. And systems govern behavior. Systems can be a good thing, if they are part of a Plan. But without a plan, you are stagnant in your progression – you cannot reach past the false perceptions which tell you an untrue story – a lie.

Much of this is energetically rooted in our psychology – the way we were taught (patterns of behavior), and thus the stories we tell ourselves, or in other words: excuses!

Tall Tales and White Lies, Part 2

To overcome barriers, or reach past your supposed limitations, you have to be free of the tyrant and his insurgents. You have to prepare for war.

Nations that desire peace must be prepared to go to war.

Prepare For War

Preparing for War means to invoke the sympathetic nervous system (read more) with various levels of stress. Remember that actual resistance is relative to the preparation for said resistance.

The sympathetic response of the nervous system is incredibly powerful. It seems to place a wedge between our carnal desires for food and comfort – it forces us to push every soft and nice thing out of the way (for a short time) so we can accomplish the hard thing.

If we should seek to know anything, it is our limits. We must come to know ourselves.

Immediate Action Drill

Along with daily invocation of a sympathetic response, whether that be exercise, breath, or fasting rituals, I would suggest one meditation which will assist you in breaking down barriers so that you may surpass your perceived limits.

You will need access to a mirror you can sit in front of. Using a bathroom mirror may prove difficult for this meditation since you will need to be seated. Unless you sit on the bathroom counter like I do.

You should sit with your face about 3 feet away from the mirror and begin the meditation with several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Fill your belly with air – don’t let the breath stop in your chest (shallow breaths).

Fixate your eyes on one of your eyes and gaze into the mirror first for 5 minutes. Break eye contact and roll your eyes around in their sockets counter-clockwise for 30 seconds. Then begin a 10 minute mirror gazing segment.

Finish the meditation by lying on your back and looking up at the ceiling, breathing deeply until you feel ready to get up.

Immediate Action Drills

Misfires and Catastrophic Failures

It is one thing to anticipate and even appreciate personal shortcomings or failures. When we fail, we learn. We can feel the bitter sting of defeat and hopefully, we should never want to feel that again, which becomes an accelerant for the Destructive Light inside us.

But there are types of failure from which there can be no recovery – paths you should never venture down, lest you become lost forever.

One such potentially catastrophic failure is failure to maintain a relationship with a spouse, family member, colleague, or good friend. These relationships are so powerful that, when damaged or unhinged, they can become incredibly difficult to mend.

But there are other reasons for poor relationships (with the body or with others) and one of those reasons is coarse dialogue in the past, and now the relationship is damaged or stunted – unable to progress further.

Coarse dialogue often happens when we are either preoccupied, irritated, or experiencing pain ourselves.

Building Relationships 101

As stated above, the offending party may also be in pain. Therefore, if we find ourselves on the receiving end of coarse dialogue, we should be quick to show compassion and forgive others their trespasses, or miscommunications.

Clearing the Chamber

In a recent post, I invited you to perform a unique “gibberish” meditation. It can be very useful for breaking down barriers you have placed on yourself and those imposed upon you by society. It can dissolve the censorships with which you have been shackled.

The same meditation can also achieve what I call, clearing the chamber. When a firearm malfunctions, it is necessary to clear the firing chamber of any obstacles. Likewise, when we experience a failure to communicate, we must clear the chamber so that we can continue safe, effective communication in the future.

This is a perfect example of a physiological issue rooted energetically – the reason you cannot repair the damaged relationship is because you are rigid and locked-up by past trauma or false perceptions i.e. miscommunication.

Continuing the gibberish meditation can help you overcome certain obstacles and can prepare you for the conversations you will need to have.

Yes, you will need to speak – to communicate – in order to clear the chamber and resolve damaged or compromised relationships.

Immediate Action Drill

It is your turn to clear the chamber. This is probably going to be the hardest thing I ask you to do in this or any other series.

You need to talk to that person.

You know who it is, but you may want to reflect on the timing of your attempt to re-establish communication. But I would encourage you to not wait too long, lest time runs out.

There is no one day in the final quarter of life in which we can do all of our work. It must be meted out at a steady effort.

Lost Souls

Call and talk to someone you have not spoken to for a long time, because of some kind of miscommunication. Prepare yourself to hear some hard things, and take ownership!

A few pieces of advice for the execution of this drill:

  • Dictation is a lower form of communication. 2-way communication is the only acceptable method for clearing the chamber. Review Communication.
  • You must relate with the person to achieve compassion. Mere empathy is not enough. If you have not relieved everyone else in the situation of blame, you are not compassionate.
  • Ultimately, remember that everyone has their own Free Will. This drill may not fully restore the relationship. It may take consistent efforts, and sometimes you may feel like making that weekly call is just going through the motions.
  • Finally, I believe it is important to Allow for Success (read this entire post).
Immediate Action Drills

Fake Followers

In the last post, the tyrant reared his ugly head. That’s how it works. You sometimes won’t even know he’s there, plotting to undermine you.

Some people do not even recognize his lies. They do not differentiate between his voice and their own. This is because, they have given him power.

He (the tyrant) would tell us many lies, if we should listen. And when we listen and obey, our freedom is taken away.

As citizens under his rule, we do not enjoy basic rights, such as freedom of speech. We begin to tell others the same lies we believe ourselves.

But we who have fought and vanquished him many times are more sensitive – we remain vigilant – and we can resist him.

You see, we don’t just resist following him – we resist becoming him.

Decide Who You Are

Although I have not spoken forthright about the Diplomat King in some time, I have been sharing many characteristics and crucial habits of which the Diplomat King must possess and exhibit.

The Diplomat King is a leader first and foremost. They first led themselves, and leading oneself is sometimes the most difficult task.

Self-discipline and self-leadership are at the core of remaining prepared for the Storm.

As we seek our own freedom, we inevitably desire others to be free as well. That is why many whom lead themselves often lead others out in the world, in some way or another.

Because you have fought the tyrant in your own self, you desire others to resist and vanquish the tyrant within themselves.

There is a danger, however, in leading others with vanity and pride in yourself. Perhaps you believe that, Because you have defeated the tyrant again and again, you are superior and others must follow you. They must buy your products and you shall be their Idol.

In the climate of social media, we have been taught that the number of followers is what defines us and raises our status – it will make us happy and whole.

We should not seek to raise the number of followers we have. Instead, we should be vetting the followers we already have accumulated. Some of them may be spies, insurgents, or traitors working at the behest of the tyrant: fake friends and fake followers.


The most effective way to rid yourself of fake followers is to avoid becoming your own follower. When you become puffed up in your own pride and vanity, you are raising yourself up upon a pedestal – becoming an Idol.

When you are following a dogmatic method, involving a specific program, specific supplements, and adherence to a personal creed, you are not free. You have traded one tyrant for another.

This is one of the myriad methods the tyrant traps and ensnares you – he strokes your ego, flattering you with likes and comments on your Feed. But what are you ingesting/consuming through your eyes? Lies.

Do not fall into the trap of listening to these lies, whether they be written, spoken, or simulated.

Avoid this by serving others as a leader.

22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:

24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

James 1:22-24, KJV

Immediate Action Drill

This drill is not so simple. It cannot be done in a hurry, or stuffed into a hectic, disorganized morning routine. Rather, you will have to plan for it. Furthermore, you will have to become engaged!

Visit and find a service opportunity near you. I challenge you to choose one which you would normally not consider, or one you feel inadequate to perform.

Immediate Action Drills

Stability and Control, Part 2: Eliminating Hypocrisy

The ability to comprehend fairness (what is fair and what is not) is an evolutionary trait in Humans and certain other mammals.

Why was it important for our ancestors to develop this trait?

This is not the same as right and wrong. This has less to do with the morality of a situation and more to do with maintaining balance within groups of people, and therefore promotes stability and accountability. All of which I have discussed recently.

It really alerts us to potential hypocrisies, which are the bane of all relationships.

As I mentioned in the previous post, some leaders believe their burdens originate in the incompetence of their subordinates. In this way, we are excusing ourselves – It is not me who is to blame, but the slacker!

We know, however, that we must take Ownership even when it is not entirely our fault.

Review the principle of Accountability in the Counterinsurgency Series.

Administering Command and Control

By taking Ownership, and therefore assuming responsibility, you are now completely in control of the situation!

We no longer have to wait for some resolution. Instead, we can act for ourselves. We eliminate other people’s excuses as well. It is a liberating experience for us.

Ownership, it would seem, is not only an antidote for our excuses, but a retroactive antigen for other people’s excuses.

The first step in this process is actually being grateful for what we already have, for what we will receive, and gaining a perspective that allows us to appreciate failures and see them as learning opportunities.

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion Man can muster. It is the lack of gratitude which leads to making really terrible mistakes. When we are ungrateful for what we have, we do things like cheat on our spouses or significant others, we quit our stable job, we say things we don’t mean.

In essence, we destabilize ourselves.

And that is the Tyrant at work behind the scenes. Yes, he’s still there. He’s been waiting for you to slip.

Among the insurgents working for the tyrant is Hypocrisy. But it is easily smothered beneath the consistent application of gratitude.

Immediate Action Drill

It will become important to list what you are grateful for. Begin with a nightly gratitude journal-entry. Set a minimum number of things for which you are grateful – I would suggest 10 things each night.

Each journal-entry cannot contain repetitions from the days before.

Do this for a week, along with the other Immediate Action Drills I have provided. At the end of the week, you’ll no doubt be stretching to find new things to be grateful for. I would recommend reviewing your hourly productivity journal at these points.

By the end of the week, you will have at least 70 items listed. These should be posted somewhere you can see them, or kept on your person for constant review.