Freedom Series

Difficult Paths

It is often said, Nobody said life would be easy.

But does that mean it has to be so hard sometimes? Some people become embittered and even enraged by the injustices which seem to be woven into our mortal lives. When feeling victimized by the world, some conjure the image of a corrupt judge, a master saboteur to whom they can attach blame

Brené Brown explains the reason we blame others.

As we draw Light into our lives, we see more clearly, we gain more perspective, we see that resistance is relative to the preparations we have made.

Regarding these difficult paths you are forced to tread, you cannot always control the path you must walk. In the Warcloud Elite System, we speak of choosing a path but sometimes paths are chosen for us – whether by others or by cosmic winds and tides.

That being said, we can control how we respond to such trials. We are also able to control how to prepare.

Understanding that your suffering and the difficult paths you walk are not a breach of your Freedom. It is integral to your freedom and others’ freedom. To choose how to withstand the Storm that billows, the war that wages, the very real corrupt judges and tyrants which attempt to dominate by forcing their own distorted visions upon others.

Without a difficult path, you would not appreciate the easy path the clear path. Light enables us to see something that wasn’t there before. Therefore the hardships of this life are associated with light and freedom and victory.

Lessons are learned in the tribulation and the hell of combat. Make no mistake about it – you are fighting for your freedom.

Freedom Series

Establishing a Perimeter, Part 3: Grounded in Truth

We have discussed ways to keep our nations secure and productive. But National Security is a means to end. Like Victory, it is not the goal. Performing National Security is an ongoing process – a Support Element.

Establishing a Perimeter is a powerful concept within the Warcloud Elite System. Essentially, in order to remain free, you have to impose a measure of control…over yourself.

That is what Standing in Your Truth really means. Furthermore, this protects you from others who want to impose their will over you.

The best way to detect lies quickly is to know the Truth. You will need a clear Vision. As you well know, to Attain a Vision, you will first need to Become Determined.

Becoming Determined…is about developing a strong mental connection between your future and your present self. When you’re thinking in “big picture” terms, you will be able to do hard things when you’re tired, annoyed, or disheartened.

Give In

You will become more sensitive to lies when you eradicate excuses from your repertoire. Think about it – making excuses is telling lies to use against yourself when experiencing discomfort in the present as you work for your future self.

There Is No Spoon

The most dangerous lies come from past trauma. These experiences can leave us without hope for a Bright Future, confusing us to believe that we are on a predestined path without Free Will. One ability to develop is Creating Worlds, which we can discuss later. For now, we can discuss Cognitive Processing Therapy.

CPT is a highly regimented form of therapy. It progresses along a specific path designed to get trauma survivors not to overcome their dark memories (which is not really possible) but to find a way to separate past from present.

When you are Grounded in your Truth, you will not make choices that destabilize your nation and thrust yourself into war. Rather, you will fortify your nation and protect yourself from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Assuming Defensive Positions

Some people choose to take offense to the Truth. Again, this the result of possessing too much tyranny within yourself. Instead, remain defensive and prepare for war.

All nations which desire peace but be willing to go to war. Next, we will discuss strategic defense of your nation: building habits.

Freedom Series

Becoming Weaponized, Part 2: Second Amendment Rights

When Jesus was arraigned before Pontius Pilate, He declared:

…Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

John 18:37, KJV

To which Pilate posed the question: “What is truth?”

Astonishingly, even as our world becomes more and more secular, it is becoming more and more difficult for different groups of people to agree on matters.

Staying Woke

The Sword of Truth is double-edged. It can cut away from us as we defend ourselves from tyranny and oppression. But it can also fall back on us if we possess too much tyranny within ourselves.

Truth hates liars, and the tyrant tells so many lies.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true.

The Code of Conduct

Discovering our own Truth is imperative if we wish to become and remain free. We must Wake Up from the deep sleep of complacency in which we listen to the tyrant’s lies.

Remember, the tyrant is the weakest part of ourselves. I am not speaking about listening to and believing other people’s lies – I am explicitly referring to the lies we tell ourselves, or rather, the stories we tell ourselves.

Now, the question:

How does knowing our truth make us free?

Truth leads us to act [for ourselves], which compounds our responsibility to continue acting correctly, because we know what is right and wrong / true and false.

The truth is a reality check!

If you choose to do evil, which is to say, break your promises and compromise relationships, you will quickly alienate others and distance yourself from them. As we have explored in the concept of Communication, it is very difficult to re-establish relationships once they have been damaged.

Thus we see that it behooves us to swing the Sword of Truth from the High Ground – a place of integrity.

The Right to Bear Arms

You have certain freedoms, and one is to possess your very own Sword of Truth. How you choose to conduct yourself will either lead to remaining free or becoming imprisoned. Alas, you are free to choose either path.

…to choose and do evil and halt your progression, or…

…to choose to do what is right.

Freedom Series

Personality Disorders

Months ago, I offered a personality test.

The purpose was to determine whether you were a blood-thirsty tyrant or a nice-guy fraternizer.

The goal was to become a Freedom Fighter and ultimately a Diplomat King. How’s that going?

It has come to my attention that there may be a flaw in the personality test. Furthermore, there are personality disorders which hinder our progress toward our goal of obtaining Freedom – not only for ourselves, but for all our nation.

One such personality disorder is called the Rebel.

The Rebel fools themselves into believing that they are a Freedom Fighter. However, they fight for their freedom at the cost of others’ liberty.

I recently watched The Last Czars on Netflix and saw how the Bolsheviks imprisoned the imperial family, manipulating the political landscape for their own gain, all under the guise of equality and freedom for all.

Alas, in Communist Russia, some would be more free than others.

You see, the Rebel aspires to be a nice guy…one day. But right now, he is most concerned with achieving Victory under any circumstance. That makes him a tyrant.

Breaking our Wretched Loop

We mustn’t excuse ourselves.

When we make excuses for our behavior, we are indoctrinating ourselves with the tyrant’s misinformation: we are more worthy of freedom than other people.

These types of personality disorders are the result of this indoctrination. Generally it is taught in false traditions. These are traditions which accuse other people (or a group of people) of some wrong-doing in the past.

Because of some affront or oppression in the distant past, we justify our selfish actions. We take up a distorted cause. We fuel an eternal hatred.

Furthermore, if you ever find yourself fighting for a cause and you don’t remember why you are fighting for it…

Stop fighting!

So often, a distorted cause is a lie perpetuated by the tyrant and will ultimately lead to your self destruction.