Taken from Delegation: Creating a Post-war Society in the Counterinsurgency Series.

Failure to delegate will result in immense stress placed upon you. When you fail to delegate, you now must do your job and another job (the one you appointed to someone else). You may be able to balance the two for a time, but eventually one or both jobs will suffer.

It is important to note, Stress can be a good thing. It is a resistance to overcome and develop personal growth (whether it is muscle growth, spiritual or intellectual growth, or emotional growth). Alas, Stress is only a good thing until it halts your progress completely.

This is what happens when you do not delegate – you revert back to your old job, your old responsibilities, old mindset and all the bad habits associated with it.

Halted progress is a catatonic state, which is the result of immense trauma or stress. Furthermore, stress is the high road to depression.

Watch this video of a young man suffering from catatonic schizophrenia…

The man’s delusions have become so powerful that they completely derail his life. His trajectory in life was to be an excellent student and musician, but those responsibilities were utterly wasted by the story he was telling himself.

The tyrant in your mind has set up obstacles in your path (stories you tell yourself) and raised a vicious secret police to thwart you at every turn (toxic relationships). So, what do you have to do?”

– Primal Rage