Freedom Series

Establishing a Perimeter, Part 3: Grounded in Truth

We have discussed ways to keep our nations secure and productive. But National Security is a means to end. Like Victory, it is not the goal. Performing National Security is an ongoing process – a Support Element.

Establishing a Perimeter is a powerful concept within the Warcloud Elite System. Essentially, in order to remain free, you have to impose a measure of control…over yourself.

That is what Standing in Your Truth really means. Furthermore, this protects you from others who want to impose their will over you.

The best way to detect lies quickly is to know the Truth. You will need a clear Vision. As you well know, to Attain a Vision, you will first need to Become Determined.

Becoming Determined…is about developing a strong mental connection between your future and your present self. When you’re thinking in “big picture” terms, you will be able to do hard things when you’re tired, annoyed, or disheartened.

Give In

You will become more sensitive to lies when you eradicate excuses from your repertoire. Think about it – making excuses is telling lies to use against yourself when experiencing discomfort in the present as you work for your future self.

There Is No Spoon

The most dangerous lies come from past trauma. These experiences can leave us without hope for a Bright Future, confusing us to believe that we are on a predestined path without Free Will. One ability to develop is Creating Worlds, which we can discuss later. For now, we can discuss Cognitive Processing Therapy.

CPT is a highly regimented form of therapy. It progresses along a specific path designed to get trauma survivors not to overcome their dark memories (which is not really possible) but to find a way to separate past from present.

When you are Grounded in your Truth, you will not make choices that destabilize your nation and thrust yourself into war. Rather, you will fortify your nation and protect yourself from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Assuming Defensive Positions

Some people choose to take offense to the Truth. Again, this the result of possessing too much tyranny within yourself. Instead, remain defensive and prepare for war.

All nations which desire peace but be willing to go to war. Next, we will discuss strategic defense of your nation: building habits.

Freedom Series

Becoming Weaponized, Part 2: Second Amendment Rights

When Jesus was arraigned before Pontius Pilate, He declared:

…Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

John 18:37, KJV

To which Pilate posed the question: “What is truth?”

Astonishingly, even as our world becomes more and more secular, it is becoming more and more difficult for different groups of people to agree on matters.

Staying Woke

The Sword of Truth is double-edged. It can cut away from us as we defend ourselves from tyranny and oppression. But it can also fall back on us if we possess too much tyranny within ourselves.

Truth hates liars, and the tyrant tells so many lies.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true.

The Code of Conduct

Discovering our own Truth is imperative if we wish to become and remain free. We must Wake Up from the deep sleep of complacency in which we listen to the tyrant’s lies.

Remember, the tyrant is the weakest part of ourselves. I am not speaking about listening to and believing other people’s lies – I am explicitly referring to the lies we tell ourselves, or rather, the stories we tell ourselves.

Now, the question:

How does knowing our truth make us free?

Truth leads us to act [for ourselves], which compounds our responsibility to continue acting correctly, because we know what is right and wrong / true and false.

The truth is a reality check!

If you choose to do evil, which is to say, break your promises and compromise relationships, you will quickly alienate others and distance yourself from them. As we have explored in the concept of Communication, it is very difficult to re-establish relationships once they have been damaged.

Thus we see that it behooves us to swing the Sword of Truth from the High Ground – a place of integrity.

The Right to Bear Arms

You have certain freedoms, and one is to possess your very own Sword of Truth. How you choose to conduct yourself will either lead to remaining free or becoming imprisoned. Alas, you are free to choose either path.

…to choose and do evil and halt your progression, or…

…to choose to do what is right.

Victory Series

The Perfect Day

As a result of your training, you are now prepared to attain the perfect day. It will continue to be a process.

One night, following a day of work, my friend and mentor Charlie Marx asked me how my day had gone. Because he was my manager at the time, I told him it was a good day, but we could have done more. He replied, saying, “There’s always going to be more you could have done.” The implicit value he was extending to me was, Be glad you did something.

More recently, in my current role, my manager asked me how my first day in the field had gone. I replied, “I hope I did good.” He replied, “If you did anything, you did good.”

There are days that we get a lot done and other days we don’t. There are days that we’re really good at some of these things and other days we aren’t. But there is going to be a new day for us to continue to get better and establish a New World Order.

While we must be content with our daily work when we know we gave it our all, it is ultimately important to strive for a more perfect day, constantly reassessing and refining our daily choices.

Here is a review of ways to strive for a more perfect day:

  1. We have to struggle daily – stress can be good for us (exercise is one way)
  2. We have to break bad habits (break old rules and make new ones)
  3. We have to stop performing thinking errors and raise the white flag of surrender instead of engaging in Time Warfare

Our lives are spent moving and breathing. When we remain motionless, there is greater danger for stagnation. We lose opportunities when we choose not to act.

Many people desire success. Victory, however, is only achieved when you can consistently succeed without negative consequences.

Often times, we treat the Warpath as a murderous rampage across a foreign land, heedless to the generational decay we are sowing with the stomping of our feet. If we leave our bodies wracked with imbalances and injuries, we will sit uncomfortably on our throne until our dying breaths.

“The Victory Series”

Because of your training, you now understand that Victory does not mean the end of the war – you’re going to have to fight for what you have won. Behind you, there will either be a scorched path full of vengeful children, or those children will be praising your name, and Victory will be achieved.

Furthermore, because of your specialized SERE training, you are enabled to avoid the common pitfalls of the mind – the figurative Ivory Tower. Now, you must seize control.

Victory Series

SERE Training: Escape

This is only an introduction to SERE Training. The real things starts later, once you have progressed further down the Warpath.

Time Warfare

When I was getting ready to discuss this concept, I mistakenly called it time warFATE and I kinda chuckled at that because the whole reason we get really uncomfortable with the amount of time we have or the amount of time something is taking is because we already have a predestined outcome (aka a destiny) that we have accepted and things aren’t going how we thought it would go. So we go to war with time. We either use time as a weapon to try and win back time or we straight up fight against time by trying to circumvent tasks that inevitably take time for completion.

Anyway, I want to start with this George Carlin clip. What I really took away from it is that we don’t get a say on time because it has been established beforehand. But that doesn’t mean we are stuck on some path we have no control over. It means that we have to be intentional.

At the end of the day, warfare is conducted with a heavy reliance on logistics – you need to get what you need when you need it. You have to start those processes early. I mean, if it’s Fall time and you’re trying to get a hundred thousand winter coats, that’s already going to take herculean effort and now there’s a time crunch.

Again, time is a FACTOR in logistics but time itself should not be considered a commodity.

There are some people who believe that, just because something takes a lot of time, it has more worth. I call this: Time-worship.

There are some who possess a desire – actually, an incessant need – to save time!

The compulsion to be productive at all times, lest we miss some opportunity, means we are entrenched in Time Warfare. We succumb to fear.

What are we are afraid of?

We are afraid that that we’ll look up in ten years and realize, “I’ve wasted my time.

“I haven’t got to where I thought I would be…

“..all my efforts have been in vain.”

Upon the warpath, there are instances in which time seems to slow down. Minutes stretch and warp, and our perception of time is distorted.

Other times, hours seem to pass so quickly and we cannot seem to find enough time to complete tasks.

Remember that we are constantly developing relationships. One relationship we too often neglect is that with ourselves. One vital component in developing a relationship is Respect. Do you respect your time?

Study the Time Management Matrix by Stephen R. Covey…

Those tasks within the first quadrant require immediate action – you have forgotten to pay a bill or a scheduled meeting is about to start.

Quadrant two, while not pressing, remains a matter of high importance. This is where you want to spend most of your time. Why? Because urgency is cancerous to humans. It is not healthy. It evokes and sustains a sympathetic response in the body.

Quadrant three is where we sometimes become sequestered and squander our time. Tasks in this quadrant are best described as busy-work, and do not help our Cause.

Quadrant four is a little deceptive, because while there is not much to be gained by activities within this quadrant, there are some benefits from dwelling there occasionally.

Ultimately, when we raise the white flag of Surrender and end Time Warfare, we come closer to actual Freedom. We achieve Peace.

Consider the scene from Doctor Strange (2016), in which Doctor Strange engages in a perpetual confrontation with Dormammu. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain…”

When Time becomes a weapon used against us, it is best to disengage.

Often, we become trapped in a routine. Break the cycle.

Other times, we become trapped in thinking patterns, which are toxic to ourselves and others around us. These Thinking Errors are predictable…

Predictability gets soldiers killed.

…They are the result of poor self-leadership, or a lack of Discipline.

Take control of your life. Exercise time control, or time management, and decide where to concentrate your efforts. Avoid Time Warfare.

Victory Series

Don’t be a Victim

Originally, this was a supplemental post and was not to be included in the curriculum of the Victory Series. However, I have been impressed to include it. A key to achieving Victory is to Evade capture when possible. However, some are taken prisoner regardless of training and expertise. It is not their fault.

There is a tendency for one who is victimized to become an assailant or predator themselves. There are innumerable examples of predators who also were preyed upon when young.

However, that is no excuse.

Instead, when you are attacked, refuse to label yourself a victim. When you are a victim, you become weak and sometimes, you consider yourself deserving of the attack. It is a vicious process: first born of anger and resentment (it was not fair), you had no one to protect you, you were alone (now you will be alone forever), it is everyone else’s fault (they do not understand), maybe they were right (I deserved it).

From examples mentioned above, as a victim, you prepare to strike back but your retaliation does not always find your attacker. It can befall your loved ones, friends, and strangers caught in your twisted, warped warpath.

Instead, seek closure by following a path to self-divinity-actualization: the process of learning your divine destiny through forgetting your mortal past.

God has said He will forgive our sins only if we forgive others their trespasses (Matthew 6:14-15). Christ Himself said when struck, turn the other cheek (Matt 5:39). Furthermore, God has said He will remember our sins no more (Jeremiah 31:34), and that includes the sins committed against you, because He is the God of the holy and unholy alike, which is fortunate for all of us because we are often unholy ourselves.

To be victimized is an unavoidable side effect of being Human. We are born into a wilderness, doomed to fend off beasts that grow stronger and faster than us. Although we have recently asserted ourselves as the dominant species on Earth, it has not always been so. And it was not easy.

Therefore, I believe it to be most Human to progress forward – forward and upward (even unto a Heavenly abode).

You cannot reach your full potential if you do not move forward after an attack, to resist the inclination to become a victim, and therefore become a predator yourself.

Regardless, you can be drawn to take one of these roles upon you.

Remember that we are just as capable of inflicting pain as we are of receiving it. It is important to not allow either the role of victim or predator define you. Instead, observe them as a duality, always shifting. Do not orient