Freedom Series

Difficult Paths

It is often said, Nobody said life would be easy.

But does that mean it has to be so hard sometimes? Some people become embittered and even enraged by the injustices which seem to be woven into our mortal lives. When feeling victimized by the world, some conjure the image of a corrupt judge, a master saboteur to whom they can attach blame

Brené Brown explains the reason we blame others.

As we draw Light into our lives, we see more clearly, we gain more perspective, we see that resistance is relative to the preparations we have made.

Regarding these difficult paths you are forced to tread, you cannot always control the path you must walk. In the Warcloud Elite System, we speak of choosing a path but sometimes paths are chosen for us – whether by others or by cosmic winds and tides.

That being said, we can control how we respond to such trials. We are also able to control how to prepare.

Understanding that your suffering and the difficult paths you walk are not a breach of your Freedom. It is integral to your freedom and others’ freedom. To choose how to withstand the Storm that billows, the war that wages, the very real corrupt judges and tyrants which attempt to dominate by forcing their own distorted visions upon others.

Without a difficult path, you would not appreciate the easy path the clear path. Light enables us to see something that wasn’t there before. Therefore the hardships of this life are associated with light and freedom and victory.

Lessons are learned in the tribulation and the hell of combat. Make no mistake about it – you are fighting for your freedom.

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