Freedom Series

Establishing a Perimeter, Part 3: Grounded in Truth

We have discussed ways to keep our nations secure and productive. But National Security is a means to end. Like Victory, it is not the goal. Performing National Security is an ongoing process – a Support Element.

Establishing a Perimeter is a powerful concept within the Warcloud Elite System. Essentially, in order to remain free, you have to impose a measure of control…over yourself.

That is what Standing in Your Truth really means. Furthermore, this protects you from others who want to impose their will over you.

The best way to detect lies quickly is to know the Truth. You will need a clear Vision. As you well know, to Attain a Vision, you will first need to Become Determined.

Becoming Determined…is about developing a strong mental connection between your future and your present self. When you’re thinking in “big picture” terms, you will be able to do hard things when you’re tired, annoyed, or disheartened.

Give In

You will become more sensitive to lies when you eradicate excuses from your repertoire. Think about it – making excuses is telling lies to use against yourself when experiencing discomfort in the present as you work for your future self.

There Is No Spoon

The most dangerous lies come from past trauma. These experiences can leave us without hope for a Bright Future, confusing us to believe that we are on a predestined path without Free Will. One ability to develop is Creating Worlds, which we can discuss later. For now, we can discuss Cognitive Processing Therapy.

CPT is a highly regimented form of therapy. It progresses along a specific path designed to get trauma survivors not to overcome their dark memories (which is not really possible) but to find a way to separate past from present.

When you are Grounded in your Truth, you will not make choices that destabilize your nation and thrust yourself into war. Rather, you will fortify your nation and protect yourself from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Assuming Defensive Positions

Some people choose to take offense to the Truth. Again, this the result of possessing too much tyranny within yourself. Instead, remain defensive and prepare for war.

All nations which desire peace but be willing to go to war. Next, we will discuss strategic defense of your nation: building habits.

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