Freedom Series

Becoming Weaponized, Part 2: Second Amendment Rights

When Jesus was arraigned before Pontius Pilate, He declared:

…Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

John 18:37, KJV

To which Pilate posed the question: “What is truth?”

Astonishingly, even as our world becomes more and more secular, it is becoming more and more difficult for different groups of people to agree on matters.

Staying Woke

The Sword of Truth is double-edged. It can cut away from us as we defend ourselves from tyranny and oppression. But it can also fall back on us if we possess too much tyranny within ourselves.

Truth hates liars, and the tyrant tells so many lies.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true.

The Code of Conduct

Discovering our own Truth is imperative if we wish to become and remain free. We must Wake Up from the deep sleep of complacency in which we listen to the tyrant’s lies.

Remember, the tyrant is the weakest part of ourselves. I am not speaking about listening to and believing other people’s lies – I am explicitly referring to the lies we tell ourselves, or rather, the stories we tell ourselves.

Now, the question:

How does knowing our truth make us free?

Truth leads us to act [for ourselves], which compounds our responsibility to continue acting correctly, because we know what is right and wrong / true and false.

The truth is a reality check!

If you choose to do evil, which is to say, break your promises and compromise relationships, you will quickly alienate others and distance yourself from them. As we have explored in the concept of Communication, it is very difficult to re-establish relationships once they have been damaged.

Thus we see that it behooves us to swing the Sword of Truth from the High Ground – a place of integrity.

The Right to Bear Arms

You have certain freedoms, and one is to possess your very own Sword of Truth. How you choose to conduct yourself will either lead to remaining free or becoming imprisoned. Alas, you are free to choose either path.

…to choose and do evil and halt your progression, or…

…to choose to do what is right.

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