Victory Series

The Perfect Day

As a result of your training, you are now prepared to attain the perfect day. It will continue to be a process.

One night, following a day of work, my friend and mentor Charlie Marx asked me how my day had gone. Because he was my manager at the time, I told him it was a good day, but we could have done more. He replied, saying, “There’s always going to be more you could have done.” The implicit value he was extending to me was, Be glad you did something.

More recently, in my current role, my manager asked me how my first day in the field had gone. I replied, “I hope I did good.” He replied, “If you did anything, you did good.”

There are days that we get a lot done and other days we don’t. There are days that we’re really good at some of these things and other days we aren’t. But there is going to be a new day for us to continue to get better and establish a New World Order.

While we must be content with our daily work when we know we gave it our all, it is ultimately important to strive for a more perfect day, constantly reassessing and refining our daily choices.

Here is a review of ways to strive for a more perfect day:

  1. We have to struggle daily – stress can be good for us (exercise is one way)
  2. We have to break bad habits (break old rules and make new ones)
  3. We have to stop performing thinking errors and raise the white flag of surrender instead of engaging in Time Warfare

Our lives are spent moving and breathing. When we remain motionless, there is greater danger for stagnation. We lose opportunities when we choose not to act.

Many people desire success. Victory, however, is only achieved when you can consistently succeed without negative consequences.

Often times, we treat the Warpath as a murderous rampage across a foreign land, heedless to the generational decay we are sowing with the stomping of our feet. If we leave our bodies wracked with imbalances and injuries, we will sit uncomfortably on our throne until our dying breaths.

“The Victory Series”

Because of your training, you now understand that Victory does not mean the end of the war – you’re going to have to fight for what you have won. Behind you, there will either be a scorched path full of vengeful children, or those children will be praising your name, and Victory will be achieved.

Furthermore, because of your specialized SERE training, you are enabled to avoid the common pitfalls of the mind – the figurative Ivory Tower. Now, you must seize control.

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