Victory Series

SERE Training: Resistance

This is only an introduction to SERE Training. The real things starts later, once you have progressed further down the Warpath.

Breaking the Cycle

To become effective freedom fighters, you’re going to have to change your modus operati, or mode of operation. You need to break a few rules.

You see, the tyrant is obsessed with rules. They’re made-up rules. I call them, Stories you have told yourself. And because you have told yourself these stories, you believe they come from a credible source.

But really, they come from the tyrant. It is his agenda you are pushing forward.

The tyrant is the weakest part of ourselves. But he doesn’t want us to know how weak he is. Therefore, he has projected that weakness on you – his presumed servant.

By overthrowing the tyrant, we put ourselves in the seat of power. And, as the body is a top-down organization, when we have control of our minds we can win our freedom. We can achieve Victory.

So, what rules do we have to break?

Any rule that says, Because of this, that will happen.

Take for example, The cyclical nature of life. As we are born, we will die. As the sun rises, we expect it to set. But when it comes to our personal lives, there is not predestined outcome. We make our own rules. We have the break the cycle.

Because you are on the Warpath, you know that I have said to avoid all dogmatic thinking. There are no predestined outcomes.

This is an example of Thinking Errors.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Victimization—you feel like you are being harmed by people that have no intention of harming you.

Pride—your perceived status in the world is based on how you compare to others.

Entitlement—you deserve this or that because of your perceived status in the world.

Powerlessness—you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you can’t even try.

Giving up—because you messed up, you give up and stop trying.

Justification—you can commit this sin because it is not a big deal, or you’re being pressured into it, or you deserve a little fun, and many others.
Scarcity mentality—there is never enough (fun, food, money, opportunities, and many others).

People pleasing—you must please or impress others to maintain your value as a person or to keep from being devalued as a person.

Minimize or catastrophize—you distort issues, events, choices, and many others to make them smaller or bigger than they really are.

Deceit—you tell yourself something is different than the way it really is.

The tyrant would rather you accept your place and because he would rather stay comfortable, he encourages you to procrastinate. Breaking the cycle cannot be put off for another time.

In a relationship, there are times during which you find you are not talking as much, or there is less passion than there once was. That is something that cannot be put off for another time. If you wait until tomorrow, you have lost precious time with that person.

This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. It can be the relationship between a parent and child, best friends, or a teacher and student.

So, how do we break the cycle? How do we break the rules established by the tyrant?

We have to make our own rules.

We have to decide what is important (a Vision), and then we must take action (attain that Vision)

Tomorrow, make a rule that you have the wake up an hour earlier. Make rules that force you to Give In. Make a rule that you have to finally talk to that person. Make it a rule to save money. And make it unlawful to let someone down, especially yourself.

As we exercise power in our own lives (Free Will), we render the tyrant powerless. We overthrow him one day at a time until we are free.

Now, go fight for your freedom. Break a few rules.

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