Victory Series

SERE Training: Evasion

This is only an introduction to SERE Training. The real things starts later, once you have progressed further down the Warpath.

Don’t Get Flanked

Have you encountered the enemy today?

Were you confronted first thing this morning, when the alarm went off? Did you get ambushed on the way to work? How many losses did you suffer today?

There are no acceptable losses along the Warpath.

If you’re fighting a war – and we are all fighting for our freedom – do not expect the enemy to come in orderly ranks. Do not expect only one great battle each day. Instead, you’re going to have to be fully alert. Beware a relentless guerrilla war and hit and run tactics from the enemy.

I want you to start refining your daily routine. You may not be ready to create the perfect day, but you can start fine tuning. Fine tuning is making small adjustments that have great impact.

You know your routine better than anyone. You know where there is room for improvement. You also know where your pitfalls are. How can you shore up your defenses right now to protect yourself in the future.

Don’t put yourself in a compromised position. Don’t Get Flanked!

If you’re serious about winning your freedom – if you actually want to win – then, you’re going to need more time. It is possible to find more time. You just have to make better decisions with the time you have.

I have called this Time Warfare (more on that later) and, depending on what tactics you employ in this kind of warfare, you either achieve complete Victory or you will be locked in a bloody stalemate.

Take time to review battle plans and prepare to engage the enemy.

Make no mistake about it, The enemy is preparing. They are scheming. They are planning your defeat. If you want to achieve Victory, then you better have a plan.

Don’t Get Captured

You may not be ready to create the perfect day. So for now, you just need to focus on evading capture!

Being captured means you don’t get to finish the war. You’re stuck.

When we fail to plan, we miss obvious signs of enemy subterfuge – we get flanked. Getting flanked means our position is compromised. Remember, the enemy is opportunistic, they will take you prisoner if you do not implement the proven strategies for success.

But you may be asking yourself, Where can I learn these strategies? One might suggest to buy their latest book. Or attend their seminar. But to be honest, it’s not about what someone else is going to do for you – it’s about what you have to do.

You must set Definitive Goals.

Definitive goal setting requires more than just writing down a goal and measuring your progress toward the goal. To make it definitive, you have to figure out if it (the goal) will get you to where you actually want to go. It has to work. If something isn’t working, switch it up.

We have to keep moving and stay alert. We are evading capture.

I’ve provided a guide for setting Definitive Goals:

Definitive goals are refined. They take time to develop.

First, set an activity – it can be anything that you think will help you reach your desired result, the goal.

For example, if your goal is to write a novel – write.

Next, set the Frequency of the Activity – e.g. write thirty minutes each day.

After a while, measure the ROI (the return of investment) of the Frequency and, if necessary, change the frequency – NOT THE ACTIVITY!

I’ve said it before, we generally know what is good for us, we know what we need to do – we just don’t do it. The reason being, we get burnt out, we don’t let ourselves adjust.

Scale back the frequency if it is detrimental to your goal. Are you starting to hate writing? Has it become a chore? Furthermore, if no level of frequency provides a return of your investment, it is time to Review Your Goal.

Is it really what you want, or did it just sound like something you should want? Are you setting your goals to be like someone you admire, or are your goals personal and definitive? Will achieving the goal get you to where you want to be?

On the other hand, if it is difficult but you see the return of your investment, continue to Execute.

*Set Activity, Set Frequency of Activity, Measure ROI of Frequency, Review Goal/Keep Executing.

Stay free!

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