Victory Series

SERE Training: Survival

SERE Training (in the Warcloud Elite System) is based on learning how to achieve Victory despite the odds against you.

This is only an introduction to SERE Training. The real things starts later, once you have progressed further along the Warpath.

Run For Your Life

There is something inside all of us, fighting to stay alive. Our bodies are equipped with a trigger that can bring to bear all our might – this is called the sympathetic nervous system.

Our bodies depend on efficient hormone levels, which balance our very existence. When these chemicals inside our bodies are outside the normal threshold, we are at risk.

That risk is the ultimate enemy – the one we have been fighting since the day we were conceived: death.

Even in the womb, although defenseless, the processes of our bodies were nurtured or inhibited by the hormonal responses of our mothers. Stress and poor nutrition are major hindrances on our optimal health, largely due to their impact on our nervous system, which regulates the production of vital chemical distribution throughout our bodies.

When exploring the benefits of running, the lowering of stressful and crippling hormonal imbalances are among them.

Now, let’s forget all that scientific mumbo jumbo.

Running is a very primal activity.

Funny story about my mother. When I was a teenager, I walked into a shoe store with her. The employee was trying to figure out what kind of shoe she was looking for, and asked, Do you run?

My mother, without missing a beat, answered, “Only if someone is chasing me.” She was dead serious.

It’s true, though. Our ancestors were not waking up to go running before work. They didn’t go to the gym. Instead, they ran to hunt their food or to escape predators.

In fact, the animals they hunted were more explosive in their movement – meaning, they could outrun humans for a short distance – but our ancestors possessed more endurance, and could catch up to the winded animals.

Our aerobic capacity has an incredible potential, which most of us are not utilizing.

Now, we may not need to chase down a gazelle. But remember that science stuff I was talking about earlier? Our ancestors took that for granted – they enjoyed hormonal balance and did not likely suffer the crippling effects of unstimulated nervous systems.

If you want to have more control over your vessel in this journey of life, you will need a fully functioning, and highly sensitive nervous system. Your body needs to communicate with itself and with you. If the nervous system is weak or mute, it cannot warn you of potential threats.

Don’t die. Go for a run.

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