Victory Series

Primal Rage

I’m going to ask you to get mad, and to act out that rage.

Now, I’m not talking about intimidation. This is not about exerting control over others, but rather asserting dominance over yourself – controlling your mind. No one should know that you’re enraged at all times because this is going to be a battle you fight within yourself.

If you are going to be fighting for your survival, you’re going to need a fire in your belly.

I’m talking about winning your freedom.

Think of an ancient gladiator. Not Russell Crowe, not in the glorious Colosseum. Think of a Man standing on blood stained earth, in some dirty hole, dug in the ground for the sole purpose of death. And think about the mindset he must have, knowing that he is a slave, and under obligation to fight.

He is perhaps indignant – it’s not fair that he should have to do this. This isn’t what he wanted for his life. He had a different Vision for his life.

We may not be literal slaves, but some of us are imprisoned by envisioning only – we don’t do the things we’re supposed to do. I am telling you, we are under obligation. Remember who is counting on you.

First, you need to win your freedom.

But you’re going to have to fight for it! You have to become a Freedom Fighter – struggling against the cruel oppression of a tyrant. The tyrant in your mind.

He has set up obstacles in your path (stories you tell yourself) and raised a vicious secret police to thwart you at every turn (toxic relationships). So, what do you have to do?

You’re going to have to overthrow him.

You have to start undermining him. You’re going to have to start compromising his established rule over your life by implementing tactics in order to win your freedom – to grasp Victory.

But you’re going to have to want to win. You’re going to have to get mad. You’re going to have to be OVERCOME WITH RAGE! Your whole being – every muscle, every thought – must be dedicated to The Cause.

Because that is the only thing that will keep you going. As a gladiator in a pit, you’re going to have to kill and maim without conscious thought. You must detach. Resolve to win.

Now, start fighting.

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