Support Elements Series

Battle Plans: Planning and Goal-setting

Planning is a crucial step of preparation. But it is no substitute for action. Support Elements in the Warcloud Elite System are not stand alone concepts – they work together with the innumerable functions of the body and mind. Learn more about the Support Elements  below.

Becoming Determined

Determine what it is you wish to achieve in order to be victorious. When will you declare Victory?

The purpose of the Victory Series is not to help you discover your Purpose, or Vision. Rather it is to demonstrate how to attach underlying goals to drive you onward to Victory.

Knowing your Purpose is not enough. We know that many things are good for us – we just don’t do them.

You must establish patterns of behavior in order to realize and attain your Vision. The way we do this is to set and achieve goals.

I want you to become determined. Determine what you are willing to do, and what you will not do. Determine your level of commitment. How much time are you willing to dedicate to realizing your goals, and attaining your Vision?

A campaign may be long or short depending on several factors:

  1. The opposition
  2. Your current competence and abilities
  3. Who you are accountable to

What must you overcome? Is the enemy in a defend-able position?

What will you need to learn in order to overcome challenges?

Goal Hierarchies

I want to explore the concept of goal hierarchies. At the top of your goal hierarchy is your Purpose, or Vision. Everything below brings you closer to your Vision.

Your Purpose

Top-Level Goals (2-3)

These goals directly relate to your Purpose, or Vision. They constitute the greatest, most time-consuming efforts of your life: parenting, cultivating relationships, work, and health.

Mid-Level Goals (3-5)

These goals support your Top-Level Goals, which is to say, These goals make it possible to achieve your full potential. They are the standard operating procedures of your life: exercise, nutrition, education, etc.

Low-Level Goals (6-12)

Although these goals are low on the hierarchy, they are actually the most pertinent to achieving your Vision. These are the daily protocols you will execute, and furthermore will be highly-specific i.e. waking up at 5AM to run a mile, eating breakfast with the kids before school, registering for a new certification or license, committing to a date night with your wife once a week, etc.

Creating a Predetermined Path

Learn strategies. How can you effectively counter opposition? You cannot afford to lose hard won territory along the Warpath.

– The Warpath

We have discussed learning strategies, which can help you grow intellectually. But a sub-component of strategy is tactics.

In order to reach your full potential, and achieve and live your Vision, you must become intention-able. Perform all your work with the expectation of maximum return on your investment!

I’m telling you to Become Determined.

How? Create a path

  1. Use your knowledge of the terrain.

The terrain is past experiences. What obstacles will lie on your path? How have you overcome these obstacles in the past? How have your demonstrated your grit and intention-ality.

2. What resources are available?

Will you require further education? Can networking or making connections help you?

3. Form alliances.

Who can you rely on? Can you recruit someone to help you (accountability partners) or find a mentor?

Opportunity Cost

We have discussed opportunity recently, and you know my take on it.

Opportunities come from being super alert – when you are seeking it, taking action, and never stopping.

– One Day

But I want you to consider the two aspects of what we have discussed in this post:

  1. Take action, and potentially lose it all.
  2. Stall, or do nothing, and lose everything you could have gained.

Documentation makes things tangible and real. Create a written battle plan, or daily schedule for when you will workout and when you will eat. Do not justify lapses in your schedule once you have put pen to paper.

Domestic Policies: Tyranny at Home

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