Victory Series

Take the High Ground

Warcloud Leadership Application

Taking the High Ground is always the best option.

All armies prefer High Ground to low and sunny places to dark…Low ground is not only damp and unhealthy but also disadvantageous for fighting…if you are careful of your men and camp on hard ground, your army will be Free from disease of every kind and will spell Victory.

David H. Hackworth, referencing Sun Tzu in Steel My Soldiers Hearts

There are so many applications of taking the high ground. This won’t be the last time we discuss it.

The High Ground is a place of perspective (the kind of perspective a Commander must posses for the realization of his/her nation’s long-term goals).

First, let’s try and define success.

In the real world, Victory means being successful.

Success is going to look a lot different to some people than others. I remember a friend of mine finally got out of the retail industry and got their first “real job.” What made it real? They had a phone on their desk.

To them, success was a phone on your desk. They made it.

I don’t have to tell you, that phone and that desk did not retain them as an employee for life. Just like Victory, success is not the end-goal. It is raising your nation’s flag above a conquered foe and moving forward along the Warpath.

Really, it’s not about seeking out success. Your definition of success will change. What shouldn’t change are your values.

Here’s a standard Goal Hierarchy:

Figure 2: The Goal hierarchy framework.

Now, it is clear that goals require action to become realized. But what is not always so well-understood is that your values require appropriate goals to remain valid.

Notice that in this particular diagram, Values are defined as “higher order goals”. In other versions, the word Purpose or Mission may appear. But values reminds me what should be written on our hearts. It is also the High Ground we must never compromise.

When you have identified your values, you will have a Vision. You will then be able to attach underlying goals to drive you onward to Victory. The important part of all this is actually perform the actions required to achieve your goals. This is attaining a Vision rather than merely envisioning, which we will be discussing next.

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