Victory Series


Warcloud Light Application

A white flag is raised. You must surrender.

But wait! You say, this series is about obtaining Victory!

Why must we begin with surrender? Is that not the last resort?

You misunderstand Surrender. You think of it as sustaining a loss when in reality, it is another path to Victory!

You must always begin by surrendering. Each day, you must surrender to the stronger part of yourself, the more obedient and mindful part of yourself.

There is one, however, whom you should never Surrender to. That old Tyrant. Ensure you surrender only to the stronger part of yourself. Give in.

Not my Will, But Thine

As Jesus Christ began the Great Atonement, He asked His Father if it were possible to remove the cup of bitterness. He added:

“…Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

Luke 22:42, KJV

Jesus especially knew the importance of surrendering in order to achieve Victory.

He knew that it is not about achieving Victory for only yourself. In fact, it is not about you at all! There are others counting on you now.

Jesus lived a perfect life. He never sinned. He did not need to repent. He did not need an Atonement in order to return to live with His Father in Heaven. Rather, He surrendered Himself so that Victory could be achieved for everyone else.

And thus we see that the Freedom of your nation is obtained once you are willing to Surrender.

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