Victory Series

Give In

Becoming Determined, as described in the previous module, is about developing a strong mental connection between your future and your present self. When you’re thinking in “big picture” terms, you will be able to do hard things when you’re tired, annoyed, or disheartened.

The concepts that follow are an example of studying a topic within the three Warcloud modalities of Fitness, Leadership, and Light.

Warcloud Fitness Application

Giving in to something is a long-term strategic decision on the Warpath and crucial for Becoming Determined.

You might be asking right now, Isn’t giving in a bad thing? Let’s say you’re at home and there’s some chocolate cake out on the counter from your wife’s birthday party. You’ve had a slice already but there’s more. So you give in and take another slice!

You’re not giving anything – you’re taking. And in any relationship, when all you do it take, take, take, how’s that work out?

Well, just so you know, you’re a lifelong relationship with your body. And the more you give in, and do what is right for it, the more life and joy you’re going to get out of it.

But I’m not here to beat you over the head with that extra ten minutes you took in bed this morning by hitting snooze. I’m not even going to say anything about that slice of cake, or your soft belly.

Instead, I’m going to point out that all this is in your mind. Your relationship with the food and the bed provides you comfort here and now, to the detriment of your future self. The easier wrong verses the harder right, causes some discomfort in the present, but will repay your efforts fully.

So, shouldn’t we give in to the hard things every once in a while? Apparently, those are the things that reward us in the long-term. It’s a matter of perspective.

So, give in a little. Treat yourself.

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