Victory Series

Basic Training

This first training is a companion to the Warpath document, which is a road map to Victory and beyond. Study the Warpath continually as you move through the Victory series.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of fitness advice throughout these recent modules. I guess that is because isn’t just about physical fitness. And it’s certainly not about providing exercise instruction.

Training must begin promptly. A trained army is an effective army. Proper nutrition, strength, and mobility. You must educate yourself.

The training we will now begin is largely mental training. I want you to begin strengthening your mindset. That is where determination and commitment come from. Strengthening your bicep helps you lift a dumbbell. But strengthening your mind helps you lift the dumbbell when you don’t want to anymore.

I define basic training as what everyone needs to know and what anyone can understand. In boot camp, military recruits learn the fundamentals of the profession of arms. But more importantly, they learn teamwork and discipline and the dire consequences of failing to learn those things.

Training is hard for a reason. A controlled setting is ideal for adding stress without great risks. If you do it right, it won’t be as hard when it’s for real. That’s what I mean when I say Sweat the Small Stuff!

There’s this really nerdy martial arts story I heard years ago about a man who receives his black belt in Karate and says, “Now I can finally start practicing Karate.”

In other words, graduating training, even the most brutal training, is just the beginning.

You are going to think, There is no way I can win.

Form alliances. Gain superiority in numbers. Ask for help. Never take someone for granted.

Next comes schools and specialization. This represents a path (a literal career path in the military). You learn the things that will help you and your nation achieve desired outcomes. And, all of this before you’re even really tested. Don’t kid yourself that you know it all.

Only two things are important in war: surviving and winning. After war, all that matters is learning from war so you don’t have to go to war again.

Learn strategies. How can you effectively counter opposition? You cannot afford to lose hard won territory along the Warpath.

You will be able to tell whether you learned something by whether you do it or not.

Especially in war, it is important to not continue making the same mistakes. You have to learn.

The most important thing for a new recruit is to obey all orders promptly.

Our soldiers are our muscles and our lieutenants are our minds – our actions must be in line with our thoughts. The body is a top down organization.

You need to begin establishing a strong mental connection between your future and your present, because it is your mind that is going to get you there (if your mind is headed somewhere, your body will follow along regardless).

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new tactic.

Bad situations in training can provide opportunities to learn. Especially learning that you never want to experience that ever again.

You need to start doing things instead of watching others do them. When you know something works most of the time, DO IT. You don’t have to reinvent something.

Again, the Warpath is predetermined. But what that means is, You have decided that there is no other way. The enemy cannot be negotiated with – they want to kill you. So you must fight.

The following series of training will help you become determined, determined enough to Take up a Cause and fight until the bitter end.

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