Victory Series

Written Constitutions

Light will be critical on your Path to Victory. More light means higher visual acuity and if you’re not seeing clearly, you will lose your way.

As outlined in the Warpath, you must have a Vision. But it’s one thing to have a vision – attaining a vision is entirely different. We’ll define that difference shortly, but first I want to talk about Light and more importantly, how to receive Light.

Brace yourself for the incoming symbolism. Again, Light is going to require that you use some imagination and dig a little deeper. But I promise it’s worth it.

The heart symbolizes what is important to you.

“But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.”

Jeremiah 31:33

If you write something on your heart, it is a part of you and you’ll take it wherever you go. What would you write on your heart? What things would you never compromise? Furthermore, the heart is a vital organ. When we write something on it, especially a desire, we should feel as though our lives depend on achieving it. We should feel that if we were to die before doing so, we would have left this world too soon.

I want you to think about this: the number of home improvement projects went way up during the 2020 pandemic because everyone started looking around their home and they decided to finally do something about what they were going to do something about.

See, a lot people have a vision in their minds of what they want to accomplish. But that vision is not grounded in reality. It’s grounded in emotion. A lot of dreams can be satisfied by talking about “wouldn’t it be nice if…” Now we’re defining the difference between Envisioning and Attaining a vision.

So there’s this emotional baggage, right? It’s causing a disconnect between something good, something that would bring more Light into our lives, and what we use our time actually doing.

Let’s use a Warcloud concept of the metaphorical nation, which is the body, and also our homeland, and talk about constitutions which we write. Before we go writing a constitution on our hearts, let’s talk about the difference between desire and intent.

I think it’s important to find something that works and go for it. Remember the story about D-Day! Really, we need to start doing. That shows intent rather than just desire. Now, it’s okay to make preparations. And it’s okay to adapt to changing circumstances. But making amendments to our constitutions (think of the U.S. Constitution) is effectively changing a program, which will change the results of that program, for good or for worse.

Another mentor of mine, Elliot Hulse, used to talk about sticking to a program long-term. He was talking about strength training programs. And he believed that a lot of people switch up their programs so often that they never really get the results intended. They never hit that peak in the program where you see the gains you wanted all along.

Amendments to our constitutions should be made with a long-term perspective. Changes to any program should increase the return on investment. And, what are we investing? Our time.

My invitation is to choose a program (a path) and become determined.

I’ve already asked you to commit to something. If you haven’t written out a commitment statement yet, I want you to do that before moving on.

I call it Becoming Determined. And that is a precursor to Attaining a Vision.

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