Victory Series

What is Warcloud?

So here’s what we know about the “Warcloud Elite System”: we have three modalities – Fitness, Light, and ultimately Leadership.

We’ve talked about onwership. And that’s where everything begins. The good news is, this isn’t a secret anymore – ownership isn’t just a buzzword in corporate America. Everyone knows it takes someone to be invested in something for it to really take off. Passion, it seems, is pure capital for realizing goals.

And, it’s really the same with your health and fitness. You will need to take responsibility for it and get fired up about it if you want to lose more than just a few pounds. It’s also the same with Light. It is your responsibility to receive light into your life. Others can impart it but you need to receive it. And, if you expect to receive more light, you’ll need to be willing to do the work behind it. It’s like money – if you just print it yourself, it loses value. It’s also the same with Leadership. You are going to be given responsibility over some things and if you choose to receive it, you will gain more and more responsibility and you’ll need to learn how to manage that.

So in each modality of, you have to begin with that pure capital and grow it from there. Think of it like this, someone could hand out the system for their fortune 500 company and one person will take it to a record-breaking year in production, sales, whatever – and another person will run it into the ground.

What’s the difference?

Well, I believe it is the health and wellness of the person (their overall physical and mental fitness), and their capacity to receive Light, and ultimately their leadership skills. Leadership in this sense is doing what you expect others to do.

As you begin your Path to Victory, I want you to commit. I want you to take ownership.

In this first exercise of taking ownership, you’ll enter a statement you can later be held accountable for.

I wrote my own and give it to you as an example. Yours should be equally impactful to you personally. It is ok if some verbiage changes over time, but your commitment level should be set from the beginning.

We are setting the tone of our stories.

E.g. “I’m willing to sacrifice for the realization of the goals I make. I don’t hold anything too dear that I would not give it up to get me closer to God, to health, and to be a good husband, father, and leader.”

This minimal contact information is necessary to keep you accountable. You enter your email with my assurance that you will receive no unsolicited communication from myself or anyone associated with

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