Victory Series

Prepare For War

You’re on the path to Victory, which means you must face the reality: you are going to war.

Nations that desire peace must be prepared to go to war.

In military conquests, specifically invasions, there must be preparation.

“A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed in the future.”

– Axiom attributed to George S. Patton, and others

Personnel must be recruited and trained. Both materiel and personnel have to be produced and placed in staging areas. Conditions such as weather must be right so that certain factors such as loss of life and loss of equipment do not negate the entire effort.

June 5, 1944. The initial plan to invade was postponed 24 hours due to inclement weather. On June 6th, the largest invasion force in history set forth from its berths and airstrips.

Fighting Conditions

Sometimes, conditions on the ground don’t make sense to just act, and “go and do.”

But if you don’t go – if you don’t just start – you’re putting yourself in a compromised position.

During the 24 hour postponement mentioned above, the massed Allied forces could have been discovered and the plan foiled. However, that was a risk the commander was willing to take in order to achieve Victory.

The problem is, if you choose to wait and postpone, you are giving the enemy time to figure out what you are doing.

Take for example, the intention to workout. You’re sitting there and thinking…

“I’m feeling a little tight today.”

“I only have an hour before work – I don’t have the time!”

So, the conditions aren’t ideal. But what are you going to do instead? By postponing one thing you are making time for another thing. What’s that thing going to be?

Moreover, continually refining a plan (to perfection) will make your vision a mere dream.

Taking Ownership

It is imperative, as you Begin your path to Victory (and beyond), that you understand the implications of what you choose to do and not do. Really, I’m telling you to take full responsibility for what happens next on your path. I don’t want to hear any excuses later that you didn’t know the consequences of inaction.

I’m Counting on You. I am Counting on you!

You have an opportunity. It’s called: a life on Earth.

Just Google “400 trillion-to-one chance of being born”. And that’s just the beginning. That was just the odds of you coming to term as a newborn baby. What about the odds of you coming to stand where you are right now. Think about the innumerable decisions you made to get here.

Now, if you’re standing there and thinking, “I have nothing going for me”, “I have nothing to offer”, “I wish I hadn’t been born”, please please please flip the script:

There is someone counting on me.

You may not know them yet or you may have known them forever. You just need to talk to that person you see tomorrow and you can change you life and their life and all the lives of everyone you both will ever meet!

There is someone counting on you.

I’m counting on you.

Your idleness is a thief. Every day that you don’t execute your goals is another day that someone must live without the thing you, and only you, can offer them.

So, I would ask, What are you doing? Are you letting them down?

If you are, this is your wake up call. If you don’t step up, you will be held accountable.

So get after it.

Today is your D-Day, or Do Day.

Consider the image below. All of those graves commemorate someone who lived hundreds of thousands of hours. A nineteen year old who died on June 6, 1944 would have only had roughly 170,000 hours to live before making the ultimate sacrifice.

None of us really know when we will run out of time. And it doesn’t matter how many hours you have had thus far, or even how many hours you have wasted. It only matters what you are going to do with the hours you have left.

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