SERE Training

Victory: Escape to Freedom

The Truth has set you free.

Arm yourself with Truth – your own truth. The best way to resist the lies you are told is to know what is absolutely true. Darkness cannot overtake Light.

The Code of Conduct

You have been on an incredible journey. You began, I believe, as a Follower. You were envisioning a bright future, but you don’t have to dream anymore. As you studied what it really means to achieve Victory, you took upon yourself the title of Commander and Freedom Fighter.

But you did not only fight for your freedom. You also fought for the freedom of your whole nation.

But with Freedom comes responsibility. I assume that is no surprise to you – someone who takes Ownership of everything!

The Last Freedom

Free Will is the only guaranteed freedom we possess – the right to choose.

The truth is, We are free to act for ourselves. And, with freedom to choose, we find that we can choose liberty and life or captivity and death.

On the one hand, we follow Light and on the other, we hand our lives over to the Tyrant inside us. We build up our kingdom or we build up his.

Yes, we are free to choose poorly. We can make as many mistakes as we want. You see, we are not free from the consequences of our decisions. Nevertheless, as you surely know, we can learn from our failures.

Yes, learn from your failures. And then choose to fix the problems you become aware of. What caused you to fail in the first place? If you do not eliminate those weaknesses, then you cannot achieve Victory.

Of course, you know that Freedom is not a passive activity. You have to fight for it.

Victory is only attained when your enemies are dead and you have total control of the territory. The enemies of which I speak are your excuses, your delusions, your idleness, your toxic and stagnant relationships.

Victory is attained when you have overcome all obstacles. Even as you take the enemy’s castle and hang your banners in the throne room, if rebels plot in the darkness, you have not won.

The Victory Series


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