Freedom Series

Personality Disorders

Months ago, I offered a personality test.

The purpose was to determine whether you were a blood-thirsty tyrant or a nice-guy fraternizer.

The goal was to become a Freedom Fighter and ultimately a Diplomat King. How’s that going?

It has come to my attention that there may be a flaw in the personality test. Furthermore, there are personality disorders which hinder our progress toward our goal of obtaining Freedom – not only for ourselves, but for all our nation.

One such personality disorder is called the Rebel.

The Rebel fools themselves into believing that they are a Freedom Fighter. However, they fight for their freedom at the cost of others’ liberty.

I recently watched The Last Czars on Netflix and saw how the Bolsheviks imprisoned the imperial family, manipulating the political landscape for their own gain, all under the guise of equality and freedom for all.

Alas, in Communist Russia, some would be more free than others.

You see, the Rebel aspires to be a nice guy…one day. But right now, he is most concerned with achieving Victory under any circumstance. That makes him a tyrant.

Breaking our Wretched Loop

We mustn’t excuse ourselves.

When we make excuses for our behavior, we are indoctrinating ourselves with the tyrant’s misinformation: we are more worthy of freedom than other people.

These types of personality disorders are the result of this indoctrination. Generally it is taught in false traditions. These are traditions which accuse other people (or a group of people) of some wrong-doing in the past.

Because of some affront or oppression in the distant past, we justify our selfish actions. We take up a distorted cause. We fuel an eternal hatred.

Furthermore, if you ever find yourself fighting for a cause and you don’t remember why you are fighting for it…

Stop fighting!

So often, a distorted cause is a lie perpetuated by the tyrant and will ultimately lead to your self destruction.

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