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Don’t Get Captured, Part 2: Telling our Stories

A year ago, as we sought to understand Victory, I explained that to evade capture, we must set definitive goals. If captured, if imprisoned behind the stories we tell ourselves, we cannot achieve Victory.

Setting definitive goals allows us to work within a process in which we can learn if we really want to achieve the goals before spending too much time trying. What qualifies as Victory to one person may be miserable defeat to another.

With more Light on the subject, I believe the way we evade capture is to keep moving. After all, We tell our stories through the shortening and lengthening of our muscles. When we Take up a Cause, we have to be deliberate in our actions lest the Cause slip from our fingers.

Tension is what creates stability, which we normally refer to as posture. Contracting the musculature creates a tension, which prepares the body for additional load, or resistance.

– Patterns of Behavior

Our posture should be a place of integrity from which we may act freely – free of pain and free to act and not be acted upon. We must realize that we are Agents unto ourselves.

The way to best avoid calamity is to not procrastinate. But the time to prepare is past. Does that mean we have failed? Does that mean we are lost souls?

No. Whether you are on the run, or taken in shackles to the prison cell, you can still take control as long as you are willing to take Ownership.

As long as you are alive, you can still tell your story!

Rogue Ops

Have you lately been encouraged to become a Bridge?

That may sound like a strange question, but depending on how Google’s algorithm has acted upon your social media feeds, you may receive daily programming on the benefits of becoming a Bridge.

One of several videos with a monotone narrator will explain the “concept of a bridge” and lure you to a single page website with further instructions.


We just discussed in the last post about Becoming Weaponized and, if you are not careful, becoming a Rogue Agent.

Rogue Agents continue to communicate with their handlers back home. They make and retrieve dead drops. They appear to be functional, but really they are bound in a quagmire of lies – executing false flag operations and working to undermine their own nation to create a Rogue State.

But the programming is often effective – you are going to have to resist. In the following post in this series, we will explore Resistance further. In the meantime…

Do not succumb to the tall tales and white lies of the media.

Do not seek for sustenance in dry holes.

A Man in a prison cell does not have to be a prisoner. Take the High Ground.

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