Security Elements Series

Trade Agreements & Globalization

We have completed the majority of the SERE Training series (there is more to come).

Thus far, we have incorporated the concepts of developing a more secure nation combined with the skills to survive and escape oppressive tyrants, both within and without our nations (our bodies).

SERE Training is a way to respond to crises. Meanwhile, Security Elements are for the thwarting and preemptive elimination of threats to our sovereign nations.

Furthermore, the concepts we explore herein rely on the execution of daily or regular protocols in order to achieve long term goals.

Today, we will address a new threat to our nation.

Elevated Threat Level

So you may be asking yourself, Which threat has surfaced to which I am blind?

It is important to understand that your eyes are important for discerning your immediate threats.

For example, most prey animals’ eyes are located on the sides of their heads, which allows peripheral detection of threats. We as humans, however, have our eyes on the front of our faces, therefore marking us as predators.


While this allows us to bear down on known threats or detect opportunities, it leaves us vulnerable to threats behind and to the sides of us.

In the world today, the management of our nations has been delegated to governments – specifically representatives.

These representatives should possess the same values as their constituents. In other words, they should be able to discern the Commander’s Intent, or will of the nation.

As we are the head honcho of our nation, the government is responsible for conducting national affairs however we decide.

If you remember, a part of our long-term metamorphosis is to become a Diplomat King. Becoming such places more responsibility upon our shoulders, and representative governments are less important. Of course, that can only be achieved when Peace is established.

When there is a war to be fought, our goals and directives will be more focused on those concepts detailed in the Warpath.

Nevertheless, if we are to execute our office as a Diplomat King, this places within our stewardship certain aspects of developing and maintaining a healthy nation.

One such aspect is the nation’s Economy.

Addressing Tall Tales and White Lies

What is an Economy?

It is a fluid membrane around the whole of your nation. If functioning correctly, an Economy protects a nation meanwhile allowing needful resources to pass through. In other words, The Economy creates quality of life.

An Economy should provide stability to the nation and its people. Though, whether it actually achieves its purpose is largely dependent on the wise stewardship over said nation.

Again, stability is the outcome of a healthy Economy. Currency should not suddenly gain worth and then immediately lose it. Goods and services should be commoditized, and therefore the needful things the people require should be attainable by the lower, middle, and higher classes equally.

Clearly this is not always the case. After all, no one has promised that your nation will be a utopia.

Nevertheless, our goal should be to create stability within our nation.

What we must do is decide whether or not to allow other nations around us to determine our Freedom. Or rather, our quality of life.

In each sovereign nation, they have delegated the management of their nation to a government as well. Governments by definition are selfish. Governments do not want their neighboring states to be equally stable and as prosperous as their own.

Do not be deceived by utopian philosophies. Equality is a false doctrine (a tall tale), impossible to attain in the wilderness in which we now live.

There will be a time during the destiny of the Earth in which the lamb shall lay down with the lion, but at this present time, there are predators and there are prey and they must behave according to their respective natures.

Therefore, we will continue to fight one another for the acquisition of resources.

Free Trade

There are white lies told by one nation to another. They are bound in sweet words as though uttered by lovers, meanwhile poised daggers are clutched beneath the sheets.

We call these white lies Trade Agreements, and while many economists believe such agreements promote healthy economies, it is important to understand long-term implications of accepting such agreements.

Remember back to Contracts and Corporate Affiliations.

Until the next part of this series, consider your quality of life and determine how it can be improved.

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