SERE Training

Becoming Weaponized

You find yourself in the wilderness. Alone. Like our Mother Eve, you have been cast out of paradise – you have lost your job, a loved one has died, you suffer depression or thoughts of suicide.

The wilderness is a destitute place. When you are in the wilderness, you can only rely on what you have brought with you into the harsh, unforgiving land. There is naught but dry holes in this place.

No longer can you rely on the infrastructure you have developed in your nation. Nor can you utilize the strength of your armies. At least for the moment, you are left to your own skills.

Survival Skills

There is a difference between merely surviving these periods of hardship and actually living and thriving within them. You do not know when subsequent Storms will come upon you. Therefore, it is a matter of life and death to develop certain skills – not mere survival skills, but superpowers.

In other words, you need to become a Super Soldier.

You must be weaponized. And once activated, you can not only survive but thrive in the wilderness. In fact, that is where you are best utilized. No longer are you marching across the battlefield. Instead, you will receive missions which shape the world in which you live. You have been given an opportunity to Create.

You have learned that Resistance is Relative. Therefore, much of your training must incorporate resistance-principles, such as planning, journaling, and developing spiritual and mental fortitude. It not enough to be strong – you must develop power.

When you possess Power, you can take control. But you also know that you are only in control if you take Ownership of everything!

Therefore, you are weaponized as you implement the strategies and tactics in the various blog series, chiefly PerspectiveCommunication, Accountability, and Integrity.

You Have Been Activated

You are not activated with a cell phone or radio signal. Rather, you choose to activate yourself when you are humble and take Ownership.

However, becoming weaponized can be a volatile state of being. When are activated, you have a clear vision of what the objectives are and how to accomplish them. But it is possible that you have been programmed by the enemy and have become an unwitting Rogue Agent.

This occurs when you believe the lies you have been told. It also occurs when you place others values before your own.

Beware Contracts and Corporate Affiliations. Furthermore, beware becoming an instrument of bloody war.

I believe there are two ways we spend our time: cutting corners and cutting teeth.

To cut corners is to rush through this mortal life, barreling down the Warpath with our blinders on. Believing that we are “bypassing” some unnecessary element of life, or “life-hacking,” we can Run to our Deaths.

Or, we can cut our teeth. We can linger upon the Warpath, not to wage bloody war but to rebuild where we have destroyed. We can refine certain skills, meet certain people, and Create something that will last.

The Spark of Creation

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