Security Elements Series

Russian Bots & Troll Armies

Throughout this series, you have been introduced to concepts for protecting your nation in a passive sense.

You have hopefully established a perimeter, which is to say, Your assets are protected – your assets are primarily your time and money. You should continue to develop new strategies to avoid complacency.

You have received training – a familiarization, if you will, on the following:

  1. Identifying weaknesses in your daily routine
  2. Discerning truth – recognizing the lies you have been told and tracing your patterns of behavior back to their origins
  3. Taking the High Ground – developing personal integrity and gaining perspective
  4. Understanding from whence debt comes and how to avoid it
  5. Investing for the future by reverse engineering (from the above post).

Alongside the various security elements, you been guided with a series of Immediate Action Drills. I hope you have taken the time to execute them as appropriate.

All of these are a Preparation for you – both defensive and offensive protocols for the security of your nation.

And if we do not prepare – if we do not buy our generator and keep fuel on hand, if we don’t buy bottled water and sandbags – then the Storm will cause long-lasting damages, and may even take our lives or the lives of those we care about.

The Storm

Shadow Wars

Apparently, we have graduated from the traditional wars of old. In the past, one army would be arrayed before another and Men would fight one another. The strongest of them would survive and would claim Victory.

But it is different in this present age. No longer do soldiers fight on battlefields of dirt and clay. Instead, they operate drones from clandestine locations.

The enemy has adopted this manner of warfare, for which you may be unprepared.

They launch vicious cyber-attacks from keyboards. Your perimeter is breached by ghosts in computer code. Your command is threatened by malicious web brigades of faceless bots and trolls.

You may ask, Kevin, have you prepared me ill for this war?

Jammed Communications

Your communications have been jammed, rendered inert. You are not in control of your own breath.

Without communication, your Field Operations become disorganized and your soldiers cannot receive vital intelligence. Your nation has been destabilized by the undermining efforts of the Tyrant.

4. Field Operations Completely understand all risk/reward aspects: what is worth your time and money, and what is not.

Logistics: Meal Prep and Scheduling

Your time is always best spent developing relationships.

Furthermore, you should understand that our communications, or the ability to communicate within our nation, is impacted by the volume of contradictory communications: otherwise known as Propaganda and Disinformation.

Volume can refer to the actual volume (how loud the propaganda is) and it can refer to the amount of propaganda. If our nation cannot hear our voice, and instead is listening to the lies of an enemy nation, then we are a nation-divided.

This is not a Drill!

In fact, this is the Storm. You have come under attack, assailed by the tyrant’s whirlwind.

You know how to fight – you have been fighting all your life. It is time to execute emergency procedures.

In a financial crisis, this is when an emergency savings fund in necessary.

But, we can be prepared physically and still suffer if we are not prepared mentally. After all, most of our imbalances are rooted energetically, originating from a trauma long ago.

I have procured a secure line of communication. Join me as I take you through a specialized SERE training series.

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