Security Elements Series

Take the High Ground, Part 3: Being Honest

The High Ground is a place of broad perspective – you can see more clearly and are aware of all potential threats that may come upon you. A warning: beware of threats close to you, such as traitors, insurgents, and spies.

Furthermore, the High Ground is also a place of integrity. To keep both the moral and strategic High Ground, a you must resist the inner-tyrant.

A High Place, not a High Horse

Conduct your life and your finances from a place of integrity. Do not boast of your own strengths. Your soldiers stand guard at the perimeter, your peripheral nervous system casts sensors over your encampment and even reaches beyond, into darkened mists of fog of war. It is your job to support them.

You should be honest in your dealings with others. As I discussed in a previous post, Honesty is an energetically-rooted attribute – a pattern of behavior.

Your habit of honesty creates an uncompromising integrity upon which you can build relationships that will last.

Now, only once you have strengthened and conditioned your nervous system and created a place of integrity, you may begin to develop your Plan.

Perspective and Vantage Points

The Perspective of Command allows you, as the Commander, to see the national end state. That is another burden of command, because sometimes it’s not pretty. You have a unique perspective of reality, and despite the carnage of war, you can make sense of it as a necessary thing.

In this way, your ability to be detached is critical to your success. Review what I have discussed pertaining to Optics.

Your increased perspective will also allow you to choose a course of action with the least casualties, fewer engagements with the enemy when outnumbered, and you will have better intelligence on the disposition of the enemy as well as the local populace.

However, when it is necessary to strike, you will be prepared.

What does any of this have to do with protecting your assets and securing a bright financial future for your nation? Everything!

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