Security Elements Series

Tall Tales and White Lies, Part 2

The tyrant in our mind will tell us many lies, if we should listen. And many of us do listen. We are in fact rapt – utterly fascinated with the story he tells us. It all goes back to our fascination with transformation and our desire for an origin story.

Everyone desires an origin story – they want to see where someone came from – because, we don’t know where we came from.

A Security Notification

Much of this is energetically rooted in our psychology – the way we were taught (patterns of behavior), and thus the stories we tell ourselves, or in other words: excuses!

Both the lies we tell and the lies we love to hear can be traced back to their origin in our pasts, but I really don’t have the opportunity to do that with each person reading this. Not for lack of time or interest – feel free to contact me and tell me your story.

However, for the reader of this blog, there is at least a way to cease telling your own lies. And, in the process, you may find that you believe the lies you hear less and less.


This series in the Security Elements Series! The opposite of being secure is, Insecure! I know – duh! But that points us to a more deeply rooted cause for why we compromise ourselves, even when we know what is good for us!

Recklessness with our finances may originate from low self-esteem, causing us to spend our money on unnecessary vanities. We may be desperately trying to fill a void, or fill a dry hole.

Some people believe they can hide in these dry wells and withstand the troubles of the world, the challenges of life, but there is danger in this approach.

The well without water is devoid of sustenance. You cannot nourish yourself or your Tribe from a dry hole.

– A Dry Hole

Our insecurities lead us to do many things which we hope will make us feel better, more secure, but that is a lie! These insecurities will either cause us to lie or to believe the lies of others.

Alas, we must take Ownership in every situation – we are accountable for ourselves, and cannot suppose that we can control the Free Will of others. To do so would make us tyrants!

Immediate Action Required

This is not the Immediate Action Drill Series. Nevertheless, an action drill is required if we hope to progress and make changes. Ultimately, this drill will help you become more secure – it will result in you Taking the High Ground.

Throughout the day, if you realize that you are telling a lie, you must correct that lie within 12 hours.

If you have told a lie, reach out to that person to whom you lied and clarify the truth.

If you realize that you are being lied to, and furthermore you are believing the lie, Establish a Perimeter! Begin developing safeguards to prevent future attacks from being successful!

Regardless of whether the lie is one you have told or one you have believed, record it in your nightly journal. Review these weaknesses so that you can give them away at a later point.

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