Security Elements Series

Establishing a Perimeter, Part 2: Asset Protection and Savings

The security council has discovered through investigation that many nations like yours lack protection of your assets.

Some nations would build walls to protect themselves. Some people build up armor and expect that their ability to produce greater force will ensure Victory for themselves.

While these provide certain protections, we cannot rely solely on our own strengths and infrastructure.

It is critical that our assets be protected through necessary insurances and safeguards. Insurance can generally be acquired through reputable agencies, but safeguards, such as an emergency fund, must be developed over time.

Furthermore, if we are under constant attack – or under constant stress – we cannot adequately build up our safeguards and keep our perimeter secure.

To strip away the metaphor: if we are constantly spending all our money, how can we hope to save any?

Living paycheck to paycheck is not an option. Hastily erecting defenses for one battle at a time is a poor investment of time and resources.

Learn strategies. How can you effectively counter opposition? You cannot afford to lose hard won territory along the Warpath.

The Warpath

You should be aware of how you are using your resources, and when and why.

Merely tracking your expenses will tell you how you are using them. But if you utilize the hourly productivity journal I have recommended, then you will be able to tell when and why you are spending your money.

For example, if you see that you had a stretch of unproductive time during the day in which you also purchased something online, you may have just discovered a tendency to spend money because you are bored.

To address weaknesses in your defensive perimeter, you have to find them first! Use the hourly productivity journal and an expense-tracker side by side.

After we find our weaknesses, we can give them away.

Yes, it is one thing to be shown (to become aware of) our weaknesses, but it is another to willingly let them go.

You may feel consigned to your financial fate. It may be a part of your identity. But, remember that there are no predestined outcomes in life. It is the choices we make, the habits we keep, which make or break our goals.

Beware a dogmatic approach in all things. Do not buy into the idea of a predestined outcome. Change up tactics when necessary. Is the enemy’s position too heavily fortified? Do you suffer from toxic relationships? Find a way out.

Do not stay in a bad situation. Implement a new strategy.

The Warpath

If you have bought into an idea, or become predictable, there is a mental switch that must be flipped. You must dominate all areas of highest strategic importance. To do this, you must take the high ground.

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